Twitter cracks jokes about Joe Thomas armpit sweat during Browns vs. Giants game

Joe Thomas was in the broadcast booth for the Browns vs. Giants preseason contest on Sunday afternoon, but it looked like he was playing in the game.

Why? Because he was sweating up a storm.

During the first half of the Browns’ 17-13 win over the Giants, Thomas acknowledged the massive sweat stains under his armpits. He showed them off to let fans watching know just how humid it was in Cleveland on Sunday.

It was 83 degrees in Cleveland with a 74 percent humidity index during the game. That made it feel like 90 degrees, forcing each team to set up mist fans on the sidelines. So, it’s easy to understand why Thomas was having trouble staying cool.

Still, that didn’t stop fans from cracking jokes about Thomas’ pit sweat. Many weighed in on his condition and poked fun at the former Browns offensive tackle:

Despite the jokes, most were pleased with Thomas’ performance on the preseason broadcast.

Thomas played 11 seasons for the Browns (2007-2017) and was regarded as one of the NFL’s best left tackles during his career. After retiring, Thomas drew attention for dropping 50 pounds in an effort to slim down and has since become a respected analyst for NFL Network.

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