Will Smith faces Will Smith in NLCS Game 5 and Twitter can’t contain itself

Twitter got a gift from the baseball gods Friday night: Will Smith vs. Will Smith.

The Smiths (wait, that’s a whole different musical genre) faced off in the sixth inning of NLCS Game 5. They met in a big spot: Smith’s Braves were trying to hold a one-run lead against Smith’s Dodgers. 

Before you could say “Wwwwwest Philadelphia,” the LA Smith had flipped the game on its head with a go-ahead three-run homer.

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For the record, the Wills are not related and do not have the same middle name: The pitcher is William Michael Smith; the hitter is William Dills Smith. This wasn’t their first showdown, either.

That meant nothing to Twitter, which couldn’t wait to post obvious and occasionaly amusing memes.

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