To help aid social distancing, Canadians use hockey sticks — figuratively and literally

The terms "social distancing" and "six feet" go hand in hand these days. For the United States' neighbors to the north though, the term is "two meters" — a slightly lengthier six feet, six inches. 

How some Canadians are ensuring their proper social distance is, well, quite Canadian.

They're using hockey sticks, figuratively and literally.  

The City of Toronto has posted signs encouraging citizens to remain two meters apart "or about the length a hockey stick," the sign reads. 

At Harvey's, a Canadian fast food chain, debit card machines have been attached to the end of hockey sticks that drive-thru workers slide through the driver's side window. 

"Only in Canada, would we use our iconic hockey sticks to ensure everyone stays safe at a physical distance while buying their Harvey's burgers," Harvey's COO David Colebrook said in a statement to CTV. "It's a creative and fun solution to a challenging issue. And it ensures we can keep feeding Canadians through our restaurants and food banks."

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