F1 cost cap saga could drag on for ‘nine months’, warns Christian Horner

The cost cap row which has enveloped Formula 1 could drag well into next season, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has warned.

The F1 drivers’ champions have been found guilty of breaching the sport’s new financial regulations for 2021. Red Bull are said to have committed a so-called ‘minor’ breach, although that could be anything up to £5.7million. The severity of the breach has still not been disclosed, although there are suggestions it amounts to around £1.8million.

Horner has met with FIA officials this weekend at the United States Grand Prix in Austin in a bid to find a resolution. Red Bull have been offered an Accepted Breach Agreement (ABA) but it remains to be seen if they will accept it or fight to clear their name completely.

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If Red Bull do not accept an ABA – the result of which cannot be appealed – the issue may not be settled until 2023.

“We’ve been invited to enter into an ABA [discussion]. You have the opportunity to discuss with the FIA and present your case,” said Horner during the team principals’ press conference in Austin.

“We’re in that position and have been pretty much for the last 10 days or so, going backwards and forwards with the FIA.

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“I hoped for it to be resolved before this weekend. I’m hopeful it can be resolved during this weekend. But should that not happen, the next process is the Cost Cap Administration Panel and, beyond that, there’s the International Court of Appeal.

“It could draw it out for another six to ninth months which is not our intention. We want closure on 2021.

“We’ve had some healthy and productive discussions with the FIA and I’m hopeful of being able to reach a conclusion in the near future.”


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