F1 legend Nigel Mansell sells ‘Senna car’ for £3.3m despite it having no engine

Nigel Mansell has sold the car which he famously gave Formula One rival Aryton Senna a lift with for £3.3million – and that's without an engine.

The F1 legend placed his 1991 Williams FW14 up for auction last weekend. It had been gifted to him by the team at the end of the season which had seen him win five times.

One of those victories was in front of his home crowd at the British Grand Prix, after which he picked up a stranded Senna who had run out of fuel in his McLaren and gave him a lift back to the pits.

Renault reclaimed their V10 engine from the car before Williams sent it to Mansell, but that didn't stop him profiting big time from its sale 31 years on. It fetched €4m (£3.38m) at auction on Saturday (May 14), which was way above the estimated range of €1.5m and €3m (£1.25m-£2.5m).

That figure was a record amount and prompted a standing ovation from the crowd, according to The Signature Store. But Mansell's financial gains didn't stop there.

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The 68-year-old had put a number of cars from his collection up for sale. Another of the main attractions was his 1989 Ferrari 640, which he won twice in.

Although that car still had an engine in it, it didn't go for as much as the Williams. But it wasn't far off at €3.6m (£3m).

A further three cars of his went under the hammer. A 2005 Grand Prix Masters Reynard V8, a Lotus Seven-based Birkin 7 Sprint, and a iC modulo M89 two-seater pocketed him just under €100k (£85k) extra.

That is a drop in the ocean for Mansell, though, who accumulated serious wealth throughout his racing career. He has a net worth of $90m (£72m), according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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