F1 news LIVE: Lewis Hamilton ‘a real mess’, Mercedes want crash, Verstappen warns Ferrari

Mercedes: What’s gone wrong at the F1 and can they recover?

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Charles Leclerc starts from pole for round eight of the championship with Sergio Perez alongside him on the front row at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix today.  Max Verstappen was unable to beat his team-mate on Saturday for the second weekend running and will line up next just in front of Carlos Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton has claimed his back is a ‘real mess’ as Mercedes’ bouncing issues continue. The car has been struggling with bouncing all weekend with Hamilton admitting he felt a ‘bit sore’ on Friday. 

However, it appears his pain got worse on Saturday and Hamilton revealed it was not an issue Mercedes could fix.  Meanwhile, Toto Wolff has claimed he is hoping Ferrari and Red Bull both crash to give Mercedes a chance of securing victory.

The team principal warned the gap to the cars in front was big, suggesting the Silver Arrows will not be able to compete unless cars ahead make a mistake.

The slowest Red Bull and Ferrari cars were almost a second faster than George Russell in qualifying yesterday. Max Verstappen has also fired a warning to Ferrari, claiming the team’s race pace could be enough to compete with Charles Leclerc. 

He warned their long run pace ‘should be quite good’ and only blamed tiny mistakes for not grabbing pole.

Express Sport rounds up all the latest news from the world of Formula One ahead of today’s race.

Lewis Hamilton suffers back pain

Lewis Hamilton has claimed his back is a ‘real mess’ as Mercedes battle bouncing issues at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 

The Mercedes star said he was a ‘bit sore’ on Friday but this appears to have gotten worse on Saturday.

Toto Wolff hopes for crash

Toto Wolff has warned Mercedes are hoping Ferrari and Red Bull crash to stand any chance of securing victory. 

George Russell was around a second slower than Carlos Sainz in qualifying yesterday as the Silver Arrows struggle to compete. 

He said: “If you look at it through rose-tinted glasses you can say hopefully four of them crash out in Turn One and then you can win the race. On pure pace, it’s realistic to finish fifth and sixth.”


Verstappen fires Ferrari warning

Max Verstappen has warned Red Bull’s long run pace could be good enough to challenge for the race win on Sunday. 

After qualifying, he claimed the team lacked one lap pace but stressed over the long run they should be ‘quite good’

He said: “Not of course what I want but still as a team, being second and third, we have a good opportunity for tomorrow.

“We’ll find out tomorrow but I think overall we seem to lack a tiny bit over one lap but clearly in the long runs normally our car should be quite good.”


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