F1 release scary 360 degree footage of Hamilton and Verstappen crash

Formula One release terrifying 360 degree footage of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s dramatic crash at Italian GP… showing the Dutchman’s Red Bull scraping over halo device which saved Brit’s life

  • Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton wiped each other out of the Italian GP
  • The pair entered Turn 1 side-by-side and Verstappen ended up on top of the Brit
  • Hamilton’s life was saved by the halo device, as the Red Bull landed on his head 
  • Formula One have released incredible new footage of the crash on Sunday    

Formula One have revealed a horrifying new angle of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s collision at Monza, showing just how close the Brit came to disaster.

The Italian GP was hotting up for a dramatic showdown between the titles rivals on lap 26 when a slow Red Bull pit-stop dropped Vertappen back into Hamilton’s clutches. 

The Dutchman was careering down the finish straight and into Turn 1 when Hamilton emerged from his own stop, and the Mercedes flicked wide to push Verstappen onto the outside. 

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton collided on Sunday and wiped each other out of the race

Hamilton was showered in carbon fibre and hit on the head by Verstappen’s car in the crash

Both drivers held their ground, the chicane narrowed, Verstappen’s car flicked off the curb and bounced dangerously over Hamilton’s car – coming to stop with its tyres spinning in the air, beached on top of the Brit. 

From a 360 degree camera mounted on the front of Hamilton’s Mercedes it’s possible to see the seven-time champion’s head jolted forward as the Red Bull crashed onto his halo device, showering him in shattered carbon fibre.  

Verstappen hopped out first, marching back to the pit after saying on the radio: ‘This is what you get when you don’t leave space.’

The Dutchman  will carry a three-place grid penalty into the Russian GP after the FIA blamed him for the incident, despite Hamilton going unpunished after his desperate lunge at Silverstone caused their last incident. 

The angle from Verstappen’s car shows the Dutchman climbing out of his Red Bull car

Hamilton followed Verstappen to the pit-lane once the Red Bull machine was eventually hoisted off his Mercedes, and opened-up on a scary moment. 

‘Thank God for the halo. It saved me,’ he said.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever been hit on the head by a car before. My head really is quite far forward.

‘I’ve been racing a long, long time, I’m so so grateful that I’m still here. I feel incredibly blessed, like somebody was watching over me today.’ 

The halo device which saved Hamilton was only introduced back in 2018, and has saved Charles Leclerc and Romain Grosjean in near-fatal incidents.  

Though the halo did prevent Verstappen’s car from crushing the British driver, Hamilton revealed he’d been feeling the effects of being smacked on the head by a Formula One car. 

He wrote on Twitter: It’s days like today I am reminded of how lucky I am.  

Hamilton and Verstappen will have plenty more incidents this season in a fiery title battle 

‘It takes a millisecond to go from racing to a very scary situation. Today someone must have been looking down, watching over me! 

‘My necks a bit sore as the adrenaline wears off – it was a bit of a hit on the head, so naturally I have one big headache but I’m doing okay!

‘The halo stopped the crash from being a lot worse and I’m incredibly grateful to all those that work to make our cars and racing safer.’

Daniel Ricciardo took victory after passing Verstappen at the start and getting ahead of the carnage, with his McLaren team-mate Lando Norris is second ahead of the Alfa-Romeo-bound Valtteri Bottas.   

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