F1 row: Gasly previously raged at Red Bull for signing Perez — ‘Screwed me over’

Italian Grand Prix: Pierre Gasly reacts to winning his first title

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Pierre Gasly has applauded the new regulations for the 2022 F1 season. Changes to the rules have made overtaking much easier and wheel-to-wheel racing a theme so far this year. The Frenchman said today: “After two races we can already say that the new regulations have succeeded in making overtaking easier than before. “It’s a very good thing that you can generally follow another car more closely and we saw the result of that with nice battles through the field, I think that’s a trend that will continue throughout the season.”

Gasly has impressed in recent seasons driving for AlphaTauri, the sister team of Red Bull.

In 2019, Gasly drove for Red Bull alongside their star man Max Verstappen, but was sent back to their sister team after struggling for pace.

Despite showing decent pace the following season, Red Bull opted to give Sergio Perez their second seat going into the 2021 season.

In September last year, ESPN quoted Gasly as saying he was frustrated that he was not given another chance with Red Bull.

Gasly said: “To sign again and to be out of Q1, to finish one lap behind his teammate, and to be elected best driver of the (Dutch) GP, yes, there is frustration. Especially when I finish fourth with a much inferior car to his.”

Former F1 driver Christijan Albers also said in September that Gasly will feel “screwed over”.

He added: “Gasly deserves a place elsewhere.

“However, you just have those strangulation contracts at Red Bull. The only one who doesn’t have a strangulation contract is Max Verstappen, but the rest just have a serious problem.

“Young driver programmes like that are all fun and games, but I’ve also experienced it myself, they are no joke. It’s not like you can just decide to go somewhere else, you really need ‘Uncle Marko’ for that.

“But when I look at Gasly’s performance, which is continuous, and his attitude off the track, you see that frustration and he will really feel screwed by Red Bull.”

Albers also criticised the Red Bull team for putting pressure on second drivers, referring also to Alex Albon, who was also ditched swiftly by the team after struggling for pace.

He said: “The pressure they put on their drivers is also really wrong.

“I think it is really disrespectful how they have treated their drivers in the past. I don’t talk about it anymore because Max is there, but with Daniil Kvyat it was also terrible. That man was on the podium [in China in 2016], but was blasted out before the next race.


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“Let’s be honest, that makes no sense. But that’s Marko, although they have learned from it.”

On Perez, Albers said the Mexican was enduring the same treatment as his predecessors.

He continued: “They have tried not to put the same pressure on Alex Albon and they are now trying to do the same with Sergio Perez.

“So they do learn from their mistakes and, in that respect, I have to give them some credit, but, before that, it was really the old-fashioned Austrian way of Dr. Marko.”

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