F1 told to ‘sort out’ TV director after British GP qualifying coverage

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F1 fans were left fuming as Carlos Sainz took pole position for the British Grand Prix at a soaked Silverstone.

The first pole of Sainz's career was well received by most people at Silverstone, but a number of fans watching on TV were unhappy with F1’s coverage, particularly in the closing stage as the battle to be on the front row reached a crescendo.

As Sainz headed back to the pits after posting what proved to be the fastest time of Q3 the camera stayed on his Ferrari as the Spaniard waved to fans and spoke to his engineer. The director also cut away to fans holding umbrellas in the grandstands and Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, who was watching from the Ferrari garage.

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However, a number of other drivers were still on their final fast laps, including the Mercedes pair of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell and Alpine’s Fernando Alonso. F1 is in charge of the world feed which shows the on-track action, so the issue was out of the hands of UK broadcasters Sky Sports and Channel 4. Many fans took to social media to complain.

One said: “Would have been nice to watch the last 30 seconds of Q3 on track action, instead of Sainz helmet cam & the garages reaction. Well done, Sainz. TV director needs a kick up the bum though.”

A second added: “Can you sort out your tv director? Utter joke watching people celebrate when cars are still on flying laps” while another said: “Why is it impossible for the F1 TV Director show the others at the end of Q3? I don’t need to see Sainz in-lap for 45 seconds.”

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A fourth raged: “F1 TV director needs sacking, let's watch the crowd whilst everyone is on their last fast laps at the end of Q3 @f1 #BritishGP.”

On a similar theme, a fifth said: “Race director having a nightmare here. Not seeing any laps or times of top runners on flying laps #BritishGP #BritishGrandPrix #F1 ” while another added: “Race director deciding to watch Sainz cool down instead of cars finishing is why everybody is mad at them this year.”

One viewer fumed: “#F1 who the hell is the director of the TV footage. Shocking at the end” and another said: “Sort out the TV director, 5 cars on final hot laps and we were watching Sainz inlap???”


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