Fans baffled as Lando Norris ‘talks with Dutch accent’ during TV interview

Formula1 fans moved their ears closer to their televisions and phones during Lando Norris’ recent interview.

The Brit finished in seventh position as Max Verstappen claimed a fifth consecutive Grand Prix victory to extend the gap separating him and Charles LeClerc to 116 points. However, focus from the Italian has bizarrely gravitated towards Norris’ recent pre-race interview.

The 22-year-old has spoken with brutal honesty in recent weeks when asked about Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren axing. But while Norris did not hold back when asked about the Australian’s struggles, F1 fans found themselves contemplating if they were listening to the same Norris they normally hear.

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“What’s going on with the accent,” one fan quickly noticed. “Why does he sound everything but English,” another fan laughed.

“Lando is mimicking Max’ [Verstappen] Dutch English when speaking to Dutch TV. Odd word here and there sounding very different to how he normally sounds,” one F1 fan posted, thinking they have heard it before. “The more I listen to Lando the more I’d say he’s not English.”

While there were acoustical question marks about the Brit’s words, there were no doubts whatsoever about his feelings towards Ricciardo’s exit. “It’s you against every driver and that driver is included,” Norris said to Dutch television outlet Ziggo.

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“But at the same time, I feel sympathy for the position you’re in at the end of it, when you’re in the end of the season and you think ‘what do I do now?’.

“You have to find another team. Of course I have sympathy for this part of it, because it’s your career, it’s your life, you never want to be in this position.

“I would feel bad if I was in this position, but sympathy for not being able to drive the car, for whatever reason, as quickly as me, then I can’t have sympathy, because Formula1 is too cruel.”

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