Fernando Alonso’s samurai tattoo explained as it reminds him ‘who he is’

Fernando Alonso is one of the most experienced and talented drivers on the F1 grid. He's been everywhere and done it all.

The 40-year-old, from Oviedo, Spain, has won the Formula 1 championship twice with an incredible 32 race wins and 98 podiums to his name.

He first raced in the 2001 Australian Grand Prix gaining his first win at the Hungarian Grand Prix two years later in 2003.

Now, 21 years after first getting into an F1 car, the veteran is still performing well behind the wheel, obtaining a very strong 10th place in the 2021 season with 81 points.

Currently driving for Alpine-Renault alongside Esteban Ocon, he is an elder statesman of the grid, with nothing left to prove and seemingly just enjoying his time in the circus.

But behind his stats and skill on track, Alonso has some very interesting aspects to his personal life you might not know about.

What does Fernando Alonso tattoo mean?

In the centre of his upper back, Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso has a tattoo of a samurai.

The artwork features Japanese written characters and, according to the Spanish outlet Marca, the wider design is inspired by the Hagakure, a spiritual guide written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, an 18th-century samurai.

According to a translation in F1 expert Will Buxton’s blog, Alonso told Marca his “tattoo is a way for me to remember who I am, where I come from and the strength I possess.”

He added: “The Samurai take everything to another level: one must fight, things don’t just happen. It also reminds me of something important that happened to me: the Samurai in the drawing is kneeling, almost in defeat, but always looking up.”

According to Buxton, Alonso has claimed to be a student of the Bushido teachings, a Japanese moral code of behaviour and lifestyle for the warrior.

It is the code of the samurai.

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