Ferrari to unleash ‘significant’ engine upgrade for second half of F1 season

Ferrari will benefit from a "significant" upgrade to the power units used in its cars for the second half of the season, team principal Mattia Binotto has confirmed.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have been running this season with some parts from 2020, with Binotto confirming that not all the upgrades were complete in time for the start of the current campaign.

Engine manufacturers are allowed to introduce one new upgrade every year.

The Ferrari boss said the boost will be to components that have not already been updated this year, meaning it is within the rules.

Binotto said: " We will bring a power unit development. To clarify the regulations for 2021, you may have a brand new power unit in 2021. It means you can bring an update in all components of the power unit – the ICE, turbo, MGU-H, batteries, MGU-K etc.

"What we made at the start of the season, we didn’t complete the entire power unit development so there are still components which are the ones of last year. We will bring an evolution of those ones.

"That will be for us, a significant step for the end of the season. But more important for us, it will be experience in view of 2022."

It is not yet known exactly when the upgrades will be introduced onto the Ferrari cars.

Both drivers are currently on their third and final engines allowed for the season, meaning they will almost certainly have to take a grid penalty at some point when a new power unit is introduced.

This means the switch will likely be after Monza, with Ferrari keen on getting a good result at its home Grand Prix.

The Prancing Horse currently sits third in the constructor's championship, behind Mercedes and Red Bull and level on points with McLaren.

Binotto remains confident that Ferrari can fend off the McLaren challenge and hold on to third place, which he said would be a "positive" result after a disappointing sixth-placed finish in 2020.

He said: " The objective is to improve in all the areas. If we are capable of doing that, continuously improving, I think the outcome will be third.

"Being third is certainly a positive objective. We are third at the moment, equal points but we are third. Team is doing well and we are improving. I think we can achieve it, that's no question. But it has to be a consequence of us improving in all areas."

F1 returns after the mid-season break with the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August.

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