Horner claims Wolff has congratulated him Verstappen's title win

Red Bull boss Christian Horner claims Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff has sent him a text to congratulate Max Verstappen’s title win… and that he sent one in response for the constructors’ title success, reminding him that’s ‘where the money is’

  • Max Verstappen won the drivers’ championship for Red Bull at the Abu Dhabi GP
  • Verstappen passed title rival Lewis Hamilton on final lap in controversial finale
  • However, Mercedes took consolation in winning the constructors’ championship

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has revealed that Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has been in contact to congratulate him on Max Verstappen’s world championship success.

The Dutchman passed Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to win his first world championship at the Brit’s expense, a move which has left the Silver Arrows furious following the controversial use of the safety car by FIA race control.

Verstappen’s title success ended seven consecutive years of Mercedes winning both the drivers’ and constructors’ championship, yet the Wolff’s team still took the consolation prize of retaining the latter.

Toto Wolff (left) and Christian Horner shake hands prior to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Horner celebrates winning the drivers’ title with Max Verstappen last Sunday in Abu Dhabi

The constructors’ championship consists of the total points won by both drivers on an F1 team, with Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas outscoring Red Bull duo Verstappen and Sergio Perez by 613.5 points to 585.5.

Wolff was left so furious with the manner in which Hamilton lost the drivers’ title that he refused to speak to the media after the race.

However he appears to have calmed since despite Mercedes having considered an appeal against the FIA in the fallout of the race.

Toto Wolff had been left incensed by Hamilton’s last lap loss to Verstappen in the finale

After a controversial safety car, Verstappen passed the Brit on the final lap with fresher tyres

AP have reported that Horner claims he received a text message of congratulations by Wolff on Verstappen’s win, and that he sent one back on Mercedes’ own title success while reminding him ‘that’s where the money is.’

Although no final figure has been given for this season’s prize money distribution, it is based on F1’s underlying profit with 47.5 per cent of that being distributed between the teams.

As winners, Mercedes will receive 14 per cent of that, with Red Bull cashing in 12.9 per cent. 

The pair had been in a war of words throughout this season, with Horner labelling Wolff ‘a control freak’ while his rival retorted by claiming the Red Bull chief was ‘a windbag who just wanted to be on camera.’

Mercedes though were still crowned constructors’ champions for the 2021 season

Horner (right) is pictured with Adrian Newey celebrating the team’s success on Wednesday

Red Bull staff were out in force in Milton Keynes to congratulate Verstappen on his world title

Horner even claimed at the Qatar Grand Prix that regarding improving their relationship he was ‘not going to kiss Toto’s a***’.

However, 1996 world champion Damon Hill believes the rivalry is all theatre.

He told the F1 podcast: ‘Maybe one day, when the war is over, they will be able to have a cup of tea together.

‘Christian made it abundantly clear in Qatar that he was not going to [make up with Wolff].

‘I just think it’s a front, I think it’s a front that they put on.’

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