Lewis Hamilton gives retirement plan with three things on list

Lewis Hamilton on difficult season for Mercedes in November

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed details of his plans away from the track after he retires from F1. The Mercedes star suggested quitting F1 would leave a “big hole” but stressed he was now finding things to replace the thrill of racing.

The seven-time champion also suggested his legacy away from the track could be more important to him than his on-track successes. He told the Jay Shetty Podcast: “When I do stop there will be a big hole. So I’m trying to generally find things that will replace that, that are also going to be just as rewarding.

“That’s Mission 44 (offering grants to youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds), meeting kids in schools, having these conversations with families and parents who clearly are going through difficult times and want to create the best opportunity for their kids.

“Encourage them ‘It’s ok, I’ve been there too, look where I got, so you can get there’. For me that’s way more rewarding than winning a race. So much more.” Shetty then compared Hamilton’s comments to similar remarks from NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

The Briton’s current deal is set to expire at the end of the 2023 season but he is reportedly on the verge of a new extension. He has previously hinted that any upgrade would be a “multi-year” contract meaning he could remain in F1 until at least 2025.

But, Hamilton has stressed he was working on things in the background to ensure he was not bored when he eventually decided to hang up his helmet.

Hamilton added: “When I’ve spoken to other athletes, we have focussed so much on being the best you can be in that one thing, the other things you love; playing an instrument, writing scripts, they all fall away. How can you compartmentalise staying in the zone and the focus lane and also building up some of those other skills and discovering other passions.

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“We’ve heard people tell Le Bron shut up and dribble, a lot of people put you in the box and say you can only do one thing. But as I’ve spoken to some people who are active and retired, particularly when they retire, everything kind of fell apart.

“Everything fell to the ground and they had nothing to back it up with and they hadn’t discovered what they were doing next, so they go through this journey of discovery but it takes time. So I’m trying to learn from those things and apply them and find the other things I’m passionate about.

“I generally feel today I have lots of things in the pipeline that when I do stop it’s going to be so grateful that I have something better to go onto. But I have no doubts, me and my dad will always have to go to the karting track. I’m always going to be competitive. That’s literally a strain in my DNA that is never going to shift.”

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