Lewis Hamilton replies to multiple mean tweets about his fear of onions and more

Lewis Hamilton was able to see the funny side of some ‘mean tweets’ directed towards him with some poking fun at his fashion sense and another mentioning his fear of onions. Hamilton is one of the biggest sports stars in the world with over 34 million followers on Instagram.

But despite his success both on and off the track in F1, Hamilton still splits opinions for some people who make their feelings known on social media. Hamilton has admitted in the past that he tries not to read too many comments on social media, but did the opposite for a special video on YouTube.

A short video was uploaded on Mercedes’ YouTube channel, starting with Hamilton reading a tweet which said: “Lewis Hamilton is so draining man. Can’t the guy just say a sentence without curing world peace or just being a mad hippy.” The end of the tweet clearly amused Hamilton as he chuckled, before adding: “What do you want me to say? I’m a positive guy.”

Moving on, the next ‘mean tweet’ read: “Lewis Hamilton dresses like a non-speaking extra from Back to the Future 2.” The Briton took some time to think of his reply, looking up to the sky before saying: “There were some good outfits in there.”

The following tweet poked fun at Hamilton’s fear of onions. It read: “You’re telling me that Lewis Hamilton, a man whose job is to drive at 300km/h, is scared of… onions.” The message was in relation to a clip that went viral a few years ago of Hamilton screaming in the seat of his car because a friend had placed a white onion on top of his steering wheel.

Replying to the tweet, Hamilton said with a laugh: “I just don’t know why you would waste your time writing that. Like. Okay.” A few more tweets mocked Hamilton for riding around the F1 paddock on a scooter as well as his style of clothing.

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But Hamilton was able to see the funny side on all the ‘mean tweets’, insisting he holds nothing against people who aren’t big fans of him. “I just want to say to everyone that has an opinion,” he added.

“Everyone has a right to an opinion. Anyone out there that doesn’t like me, that’s totally fine.

“You’re not supposed to love everyone in the world. I wish you nothing but positivity and I appreciate still the comments because they are pretty funny to be honest.”

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