‘Martin Brundle is grid walk king but I got excited talking to Anna from Frozen’

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    Sky Sports F1 expert Ted Kravitz won't be taking over Martin Brundle's infamous grid walk any time soon.

    Kravitz, who has been working in F1 since 1997, is best known for his intrepid pit lane reporting and his fun and insightful Notebook show. But the star has also tried his hand at Brundle's infamous grid walk in the past, stepping into his long time colleague's shoes when he's not been available on race day.

    Like Brundle, who has infamously gotten the better of stars including Tom Cruise, Megan Thee Stallion and Ozzy Osbourne (watch it on YouTube, seriously), Kravitz has also spoken to plenty of famous faces.

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    And while he very much enjoyed his pleasant run in with Kristen Bell – or Princess Anna from Frozen to those of a certain age – the 48-year-old admits that no one compares to Brundle.

    "I’m an amateur," Kravitz replies with a big grin on his face in an exclusive chat with Daily Star Sport. "Martin is the governor of the grid walk, nobody can do it like Martin. I’m a terrible stand-in. I’ll always give it a go, though, because it’s a bit of a thrill.

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    "We share it around on Sky, so sometimes if Martin wants to give it a rest for a race or isn’t there, I’ll do it or Simon [Lazenby] will go off with Damon [Hill] and do it.

    "It’s like the Notebook, it’s live TV but it’s a much more pressurised moment in the sporting weekend. It certainly gets the adrenaline going. It’s building tension, that’s what it’s all about.

    "The grid is F1 distilled. Everyone is on there with their cars, and they’re all on there to have a spotlight shone on. That’s what I bring to a 'grid walk' if I do one. I don’t call it a grid walk because that’s Martin’s grid walk.

    "You’ve got this 10 to 15 minute window where the drivers are winding themselves up and getting in the zone. F1 is unique at having access to the sportsmen in that moment, and it’s reflecting that for me that is the essence of the reports you do on the grid.

    "That’s where Martin is so brilliant. He knows it as a driver, but he also knows what is rewarding and interesting as a TV person, which he’s done for 25+ years and can get that across. There’s only one grid walk – and that’s Martin’s.

    "The rest of us are mere amateurs."

    Be that as it may, Kravitz admits he did enjoy speaking to one Hollywood A-lister in particular, if only for the sake of his kids. "I get excited at the most random people," he adds.

    "For example, Kirsten Bell, who’s Princess Ana in Frozen. I’ve got three young daughters, so talking to Princess Anna on the grid, essentially I did it for my kids. It was basically the most thrilling for me.

    "Then it was Jonny from Coldplay who I’d gone to see at Wembley. I think he was at the French Grand Prix. I basically wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed the concert, so I was excited to see him on the grid!"

    Kravitz is expecting to see the usual assortment of high profile names on the grid during the 2023 season, which began with Max Verstappen dominating in Bahrain two weeks ago.

    That could include former Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane, who has joined French manufacturer Alpine as an ambassador. Kravitz reckons he should be able to get a few words out of him, even if the legendary football's English isn't up to scratch.

    "Zidane is with Alpine this year and will be on the grid, I’m sure," he continues. "His English isn’t great but I speak French so I look forward to trying to give it a go."

    However, the Sky Sports F1 expert's final word goes to Brundle, who kicked off the new year by collaring Jeremy Clarkson in the Middle East at the start of the month.

    "There is no unwilling celebrity who has got the better of Martin’s grid walk," Kravitz says. "They’ll always have met their match with Martin Brundle."

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