Max Verstappen urged to get physical with Lewis Hamilton by Dutch icon Ruud Gullit

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Max Verstappen has been told he must ‘get physical’ with seven-times World Champion Lewis Hamilton by Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit. Verstappen will sensationally clash with Hamilton in a winner-takes-all Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday. 

Mercedes driver Hamilton drew level on 369.5 points with Verstappen after winning the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix last weekend. 

Whoever finishes about the other in Sunday’s race in Abu Dhabi will take home the F1 world title.  

Verstappen is trying to win the World Championship for a first time, while Hamilton will compete for his eighth.  

And the pair’s rivalry has been the highlight of the 2021 season. The rivals have clashed on several occasions, including in Jeddah. 

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At one point, Verstappen slowed down in an apparent attempt to let Hamilton pass. But a confused Hamilton instead ended up driving straight into the back of the Red Bull car.  

The incident prompted the Brit to insist Verstappen is “over the limit” for safe driving. The Dutchman received vast criticism for that and for several other collisions this year.  

Verstappen was handed a five-second penalty in Saudi Arabia but has been told by Chelsea icon Gullit that he must continue to “get physical” with Hamilton.  

Gullit compared Verstappen’s situation to being a small club playing one of the Premier League big-hitters in the FA Cup. 

“I follow the newspapers in England and the Netherlands and it reminds me of football. One says something about this, the other about that,” Gullit told his 561,000 Instagram followers. 

“Take playing in the FA Cup in England. There you get nothing for free when you play as a Premier League team against a team from a lower division. 

“Hamilton has a better car than Verstappen, so that is comparable. They both fight for what they’re worth.  

“But Max has to do more, has to get physical, to beat Hamilton. That happens in the FA Cup too.” 

Hamilton was clearly furious with the incident which prompted him to drive into the back of Verstappen. 

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However, the 24-year-old has insisted that it was purely miscommunication after he had been urged to allow Hamilton to move into first place.  

“They told me to give the position back, and so immediately when I heard that on the radio I just pulled off to the right.  

“I was showing that I was going to move over, and I braked, downshifted, and he just stayed behind me.  

“So I was just looking in the mirror and I’m slowing down and I think there was a bit of a miscommunication and he ran into the back of me.”
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