Max Verstappen’s dad opens up on Lewis Hamilton ‘frustrations’ and sets Red Bull challenge

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Max Verstappen’s father Jos has revealed he finds the fact that Red Bull have yet to create a car which is truly capable of challenging Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton for the F1 world title more frustrating than his son does. Verstappen has been one of Hamilton’s closest challengers but the Brit has still comfortably dominated the F1 scene.

Jos is hopeful that Max can “fight for the world title” next year and admitted that frustration “doesn’t help you at all”.

Asked if it was frustrating that Red Bull were not able to compete with Mercedes yet, he said: “No, not really.

“I think that’s sometimes a little bit more frustrating for me than for Max, or maybe more or less the same.

“But Max has to make the most of it of course.

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“We’re at Red Bull and know what we have to do.

“You can be frustrated but that doesn’t help you at all, as Max has said before.

“We all want Max to fight for the world title, but it is also nice to work towards that goal together.

“There is some beauty in that as well. So let’s hope we can succeed in doing that at Red Bull next year.”

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Hamilton recently opened up about how he stays motivated to keep winning world titles, telling “I could just sit back on my world titles and think: ‘I’m pretty good’. But that’s not how my mind works.

“That’s a really big process, because we can go down the wrong road if we rest on our laurels. It’s definitely not easy, but who’d want it easy?”

He added: “I’d be lying if I was to say I wasn’t improving. I mean, if I weren’t getting the results, and then perhaps it wouldn’t be improving, but I can’t stay still.

“This sport doesn’t stay still, technology is constantly evolving.

“There’s an under-appreciated workload that goes on for the people in the background – and for the drivers in terms of interpreting the tools that we have.

“The detail to which we go to try and adjust small things – a millimetre here, half a millimetre there of ride, for the shift of the front end, whatever it may be.

“Each year, I get this new set of tools and have to study – like anybody has to study – to be on top of those things [and] try to be ahead of the [other] drivers.”

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