Max Verstappen’s mum deletes Instagram comment accusing Sergio Perez of cheating

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    The mother of Max Verstappen has risked the wrath of Sergio Perez by posting a comment on Instagram accusing him of cheating on his wife. In the now deleted message, Sophie Kumpen, a former champion go-karter and ex-wife of Jos Verstappen, added fuel to the spat between the two teammates from the Brazilian GP.

    She replied to a post concerning Perez and alleged to her 100,000 followers : "And then in the evening cheating on his wife." The remark appeared to be in reference to an incident back in May, when a video surfaced of Perez with unknown women following his victory at the Monaco GP.

    The Mexican ace was seen dancing with his hands on one woman with their faces close to one another which resulted in Perez issuing a public apology to his wife, Carola Martinez. "It was a bad party that I didn't know how to control at the height of the person that I am, but it was just that, a very bad party," he began.

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    "People close to me know my values and the type of person that I am. For those who ask me, we are more united than ever, me and my wife. And for those who just want to hurt us, I wish you the best. Thank you all for your love and I apologise to all the people who love me because those videos don't represent me not at all.

    “We will not talk about this topic anymore, which only makes us forget the great moment we are living as a family. Thank you."

    The Mexican was furious on Sunday as Verstappen, who sealed his second world championship title last month, refused to give up sixth place in order to aid Perez's hopes of finishing second in this season's driver standings.

    But the 2022 F1 champion didn't listen to the orders from Christian Horner and kept his foot on the gas, crossing the line ahead of his team-mate. After being asked "what happened", Verstappen replied: "I told you already last summer, you guys don't ask that again to me. Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it."

    Over team radio, a furious Perez told his engineers that: "This shows who [Verstappen] really is."

    Perez insisted he had no idea why Verstappen had refused the order and pointed out how he had helped his teammate in the past, like at last year’s title-deciding Abu Dhabi, where he held up Lewis Hamilton.

    “No idea, maybe you should ask him about it,” he added. “Nothing to say really. After all I’ve done for him, it’s a bit disappointing to be honest. I have no idea, I’m really surprised.”

    Perez continued: “I don’t understand what his reaction was. I'm very surprised, I don't know what happened, especially for everything I've done for him. If he has two championships, it is thanks to me."


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