Mercedes deny Lewis Hamilton making two demands as part of contract negotiations

Mercedes have denied that Lewis Hamilton is making two hefty demands as contract negotiations continue.

The Brit has still not signed a three-year deal worth £120m with the F1 team where he won a record-equalling seventh Drivers’ Championship last year.

And it has led to rumours that the 36-year-old is “arguing” with the German manufacturers in some difficult negotiations.

But Mercedes have spoken out to quash speculation of a rift between racer and garage.

Publications were suggesting that Hamilton had two contract demands – a share of the team’s prize money and a free limited edition Mercedes One hypercar.

This is a motor that the Brit has been involved in the development of, with just 275 being made at £2million each.

The F1 team, though, have denied that the 36-year-old has made these demands during negotiations.

But Eddie Jordan, who has his own F1 team and has been involved in the sport for 30 years, believes Hamilton should make a request over broadcasting money.

He said: “The TV rights that Mercedes are getting as a result of winning the drivers' and the constructors' championship, surely some of that should go to Lewis?

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“He has been a hugely important part of the success and the reward they are getting. Who is the first person the TV people want to speak to first? Lewis. Do Lewis' comments get repeated much more than anyone else? Of course they do.

“If you look at LeBron James and Tiger Woods, they went to the organisers of their respective sports and said that we bring more credibility and support because of who we are and you need to compensate us.

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“So pay Lewis an amount of money that the team are getting. I cannot see how he is not entitled to that.”

Mercedes have just two months left to secure the Brit’s signature as the opening race of the 2021 season takes place in Bahrain on March 28

But Jordan did go on to say that Hamilton will sign “this week” because of a fear team chief Toto Wolff holds.

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