‘Racing for all’ Inside F1’s first Central London bar

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Ever wanted to race your boss around Silverstone? Or beat your mates at Monza? F1 Arcade makes it possible. Based in St Paul’s, F1 Arcade is Central London’s newest social venue with sixty simulators offering a unique experience.

In a sign of the sport’s expansion, F1 Arcade promises to bring the thrill of the racetrack to the city for just £13.75 per person. The concept has been divided by Adam Breeden, founder of other social hubs such as Flight Club, Bounce and All-Star Lanes.

F1 Arcade is even set for expansion with a venue in Birmingham already set to open next year. However, F1 Arcade is clear this is not just a PlayStation game with a promise of bespoke software to bring drivers closer to the real thing.

Breeden told Express Sport: “We’re democratising racing. We say racing for all. We’ve made a brand new racing game which is not the console game. We’ve used rFactor which is the gold standard of racing simulator. It’s the closest in terms of the physics of F1 racing.

“We’ve effectively built our racing game. I.e the whole user interface on top of the race engine.” Another impressive feature of F1 Arcade is the ability to win credits through the simulator on food and drinks.

Breeden suggested that experienced racers can turn up and could earn enough coins to sample the venue’s Waygu Beef Burger, Seabass Ceviche or Cornish Crab Taco. He added: “You can work your way up the ladder of how good you get. You can earn points along the way which is a virtual currency which you can spend in the venue on food and beverage or other experiences.

“You can use the currency to bet against each other as you’re racing as well. What we’re rewarding is engagement with the experience.”

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However, it’s not just a racing hub with the promise of themed events during race weekends. Breeden stresses the venue will become the official F1 race watch party which will feature a range of exclusive features.

This could include talks with ex-professional racing drivers and the ability to jump behind a simulator before, during and after the Grand Prix. He commented: “There’s no doubt about that. Absolutely race weekends, which is almost half the year, will be putting on incredible theatrical experiences in terms of bringing the trackside into the venue.

“There were some races this year which were so unbelievably exciting and I was screaming at the tele and I was like just imagine next year that race in the venue. I was just picturing people going wild and how can that not be fun for the F1 fan.”

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