Red Bull drivers to don Elvis Presley-inspired race suits for Vegas

Red Bull drivers to don Elvis Presley-inspired race suits for the Las Vegas Grand Prix… even though furious star driver Max Verstappen called the race ‘99% show, 1% sporting event’

  • The suits were inspired by Elvis’s trademark bedazzled Las Vegas jumpsuits 
  • Verstappen has been critical with all the attention on off-track details 
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The glitz and glam of Las Vegas won’t just be seen in the lights on the strip or the rich clientele in the stands – at least two of the drivers will take part in the theme as well.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will be racing under the lights at Saturday night’s Las Vegas Grand Prix in specially designed race suits emulating the styles of the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ Elvis Presley.

Checo will be dressed in red while Verstappen will be donning a white suit (capes not included).

“As we gear up for the first ever Grand Prix in Las Vegas, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the most prolific Las Vegas icon, Elvis Presley,’ said Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

‘Elvis left his mark on Vegas and the world, becoming synonymous with the glitz, the flash, and the energy of the strip, something we are hoping to replicate as we take to the track on Saturday night.’

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen are donning Elvis-inspired race suits for the Las Vegas GP

After the race, these suits will go on display at Elvis’s mansion – Graceland in Tennessee

After the grand prix, the suits will be transported to Elvis Presley’s mansion – Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee – where they will be displayed.

It’s just another addition to the spectacle that is this grand prix – having been hyped by nearly everyone in the paddock.

But for some drivers, the hype that this race has brought is disproportionate to the on-track product.

FP1 was called off after just a few minutes when a manhole cover popped up and destroyed the bottom of Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari. 

FP2 was watched with no fans in the stands after they were kicked out due to the delay in the start after the track was being inspected.

It led Verstappen – who has already locked up the World Driver’s Championship – to be critical of the grand prix calling it ’99 percent show and one percent sporting event.’

‘I understand that fans maybe need something to do as well around a track, but I think it’s more important that you make them understand what we do as a sport,’ Verstappen said.

‘Most of them just come to have a party, drink, see a DJ play or a performance act — I mean I can do that all over the world, I can go to Ibiza and get completely s***faced, you know?’

Max Verstappen has been critical of the race, calling it ’99 percent show, 1 percent sport’

Red Bull team principal defended his driver saying that he ‘hates all the pomp and bulls***’

He added, ‘I think if you would actually put more time into the actual sport and what we are actually trying to achieve here. ‘Because as a little kid we [drivers] grew up to be a world champion.

‘If the sport would put more focus onto these kinds of things and also what a team is doing, what they are achieving and what they are working for, then these kinds of things are way more important to look at than having all these random shows all over the place.’

‘It’s not what I am passionate about. I love Vegas, but not to drive an F1 car. I love to go out, have a few drinks, throw everything on red, be crazy, have nice food. 

‘But like I said, the emotion and passion is not there compared to old-school tracks.’ 

Horner defended his driver’s comments, saying ‘What you’ve got to understand is that Max is a racing driver.

‘He hates all the pomp and bulls*** that goes with being a Formula 1 driver. He just wants to drive the car. He doesn’t crave fame or adulation or anything like that. And I think that he’s just a bit uncomfortable with, if you like, the showbiz element that’s introduced to this race.’ 

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