Three drivers at risk of F1 race ban in 2023 but Lewis Hamilton safe

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Three drivers are on the verge of being hit with a race ban before a wheel is even turned. Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll and Alexander Albon are the three most likely to be affected due to a simple FIA rule.

Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll and Alexander Albon are the three most likely to be affected due to a simple FIA rule. The trio are getting close to the FIA’s 12 penalty point threshold which if passed will result in a one-race ban.

Unlike many other sanctions, the points do not reset at the end of the campaign but stay on a record for 12 months. However, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are safe from punishment unless they have a disastrous start to the campaign.

Gasly is under the most threat with the Frenchman carrying over 10 points.

The 27-year-old admitted he held talks with FIA bosses as he accepted it would be “embarrassing” to be stopped racing. He added: “I’m not going to lie. It’s a very unpleasant situation and quite delicate.

“In some ways, also a bit embarrassing to be standing in a position where I could be banned. After the season that I’ve done, I don’t really feel like I’ve been particularly dangerous over these last 12 months, and that will be definitely a harsh penalty.”

The Alpine driver’s next points expiry date comes on 22 May meaning he has to get through six races before getting his tally wiped. He suffered a series of minor infringements in 2022 including track limits violations in Austria and speeding under a red flag in Suzuka.

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He was also penalised for colliding with Lance Stroll in Spain and gaining an advantage in a battle with Aston Martin star in Mexico. The Canadian is himself in trouble with eight penalty points on his record until 9 April.

It means the 24-year-old has to contest the first three races in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia while on the brink. Albon has seven points but his tally will be reset after just two races on 27 March.

Daniel Ricciardo is also under threat with eight points to his name until after the race in Jeddah. However, the Australian is not likely to meet the limit as he is off the grid in a full-time capacity in 2023.

But, the rule could be a blow to Red Bull if the 33-year-old needs to stand-in for Verstappen or Sergio Perez early on in the season. Verstappen has just two points to his record while Hamilton is just one of three drivers to have picked up no infringements.

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