It’s been a big week in art … with Jim Pavlidis

Of all the traditionally bitter football rivalries, Carlton versus Collingwood is the most fierce.

It’s also the hardest one to explain, for when you consider the history.

All aboard: David Teague is at the helm as the Blues train gathers steam (illustration: Jim Pavlidis), and original WWII poster.Credit:

It’s difficult to see why the Blues would feel any anything but affection for the Magpies given three of their past seven flags came courtesy of Magpie implosions and a bit of good luck.

Getting excited during good times is easy to do, but keeping the faith during lean times is a very different proposition.

In America during the Second World War, one way to keep the public upbeat was the production of posters aimed at revving up flagging spirits, such as this one made by the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

A generation has passed since Carlton were last on top of the footy heap but the ‘‘Teague Train’’ is gathering momentum.

Should the Blues defeat a faltering enemy today, it could be full-steam ahead to October.

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