‘Just go ahead and do it’: Beveridge wants AFL draft age raised now

Western Bulldogs premiership coach Luke Beveridge says lifting the minimum draft age from 18 is an "absolute no-brainer" decision that should be carried out immediately.

Beveridge believes football's coronavirus shutdown, which has put all senior and underage competitions on hold, provided a perfect window in which to implement the change.

Top 10 round one draft picks: (back, left to right) Tom Green, Liam Henry, Caleb Serong, Hayden Young, Fischer McAsey, (front) Lachie Ash, Luke Jackson, Matt Rowell, Noah Anderson and Dylan Stephens. Credit:Justin McManus

Beveridge said there was also a benefit in separating teenagers' season of judgement in junior football from their final year of school studies.

"That's another really important reason to do it," he said.

"That argument that boys who come out of their under-18 year and then go into maybe the workforce or tertiary studies, [it's] another year of maturity and another year to prepare for the physical challenge of being an AFL player.

"It all just continues to make sense."

Beveridge added he was vehemently opposed to proposed reductions in AFL clubs' playing list sizes, arguing it would act as a disincentive to young players by denying them opportunities at the top level.


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