Treloar to channel emotions in Pies clash

Adam Treloar can’t wait to get his first match with his new club under his belt.

During two hours of battle any Collingwood vestiges will be shred and he will become a Western Bulldogs player once and for all.

The 28-year-old can’t discount the possibility some tears might well at times as the reality hits him in the face but you can detect even he’s getting sick of the constant talk about the tumultuous summer that led to his departure.

Adam Treloar during pre-season training.Credit:Getty Images

“I imagine it is going to be a pretty crazy build-up for me but I am excited,” Treloar said.

He just wants to deliver for his new club and he knows expectations will be high.

Second only to another recruit, Stefan Martin, when it comes to games played – Treloar sits alongside Easton Wood on 173 games – he is used to big crowds at the MCG.

Despite a calf injury limiting Treloar to just two VFL quarters, his new coach Luke Beveridge did not hesitate in throwing him into the cauldron, trusting he could cope with the heightened anticipation that comes with playing against a former club.

“It is important the individual manages it as best he can. Adam seems to be on top of it. He’s got through some injury and some physical battles in recent times … it’s not affecting anyone else to any detriment and that’s always an important consideration,” Beveridge said.

Having played for three clubs himself, Beveridge understands the emotional pull former clubs have so he is not fussed at all with Treloar expressing how he feels about his time at Collingwood. All he has worried about is making sure Treloar’s new environment inspires the same level of commitment over time as his old clubs, with the midfielder already declaring he is all in with the Bulldogs.

In football terms, the coach has kept the message simple, telling Treloar to back his strengths, using the attributes he has shown in big games for nine years now.

“My strengths are my power around the ball and being able to take the game on and use my speed,” Treloar said.

“It has been a couple of years since I did that really bad hamstring injury [round 14, 2018 against Carlton]. My strength and my speed and my power is well and truly back to where it was before that.”

It was on display in the elimination final against West Coast when he earned two coaches’ votes as he drove the Magpies to a famous victory. Since then he has been heard but not seen.

In a bit of wishful thinking former coach Nathan Buckley joked this week that he hoped Treloar did not get a touch but he knows that won’t happen.

Beveridge has faith in his new midfielder’s ability to channel his emotions, sending a vague warning to the Magpies if they intended to target Treloar.

“He is emotional but once he plays footy he just lets it all hang out on the ground. I don’t think it will get in the way of that,” he said.

“Obviously, Adam has really strong relationships with his former teammates, so it is not one of those situations where you think they are going to go after him, or anything like that. That would be fascinating, if that happened.”

The point scoring is over. Four points will decide the argument, for now.

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