6 celebrations fans would love on FIFA 23 – from twerking bums to Spiderman leap

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Let’s be honest, most football celebrations lack originality and frankly suck nowadays. Gone are the days of creative ones like Lomana LuaLua’s back-flips and Peter Crouch’s famous robot.

At best, we have Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Siu’ and Kylian Mbappe’s arms-folded knee slide, which are now plain dull after being used by countless other players. Another trend is footballers breaking out into the latest viral dance move, as shown by Christian Pulisic’s griddy which has found its way into the latest FIFA game.

But with the new FIFA 23 set to be released on September 30, fans on social media have given the franchise several ideas on how to freshen things up with some more bizarre real-world alternatives. Daily Star Sport brings you six celebrations which will no doubt add an edge to the last ever EA Sports FIFA game as we know it.

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Every kid around the world loves Spiderman. So why not give the people what they want by including the famous ‘three Spideys pointing’ meme in game?

It was even reimagined in real life by three CF Monterrey players in Mexico’s top flight. We can’t help but imagine whipping it out with our teammates after scoring a last minute winner on Pro Clubs.

Rey Mysterio?

Another bizarre Mexican celebration that fans are calling for to be introduced to the world of FIFA is the wrestling move ‘Hurricanrana’ – meaning the ‘Frog Hurricane’.

It was seen in a Liga MX match between Toluca and Pachuca, where one player grabbed the other by the legs and swung him around in a manner not seen since Rey Mysterio in his heyday. One fan wrote: “I’m sorry but if this isn’t in Fifa 23 as a celebration I’m not buying it,” and we tend to agree.


One celebration that will no doubt result in countless controllers being thrown across rooms is that of Kansas City midfielder Lo’eau LaBonta. The NWSL star scored against Angel City to put her side in front last month (August 2022), before running away and feigning injury by clutching her hamstring.

Seconds later, she stunned fans and millions more worldwide by beginning to twerk in a grade-A display of s***housery. It has since been dubbed the “best goal celebration in history” by fans, who have called for it to be “put in FIFA ASAP”.

Nap time

Which celebration do you most wish to see in FIFA 23? Let us know in the comments section.

Barcelona superstar Ousmane Dembele has taken it upon himself in recent times to bring Stephen Curry’s famous ‘night, night’ celebration across the pond and into the world of football.

The Golden State Warriors legend brought out the ultimate trolling celebration several times as he led his team to another NBA championship this year, often as a taunt when it was ‘game over’ for the opposition. And if social media is anything to go by, FIFA fans are hopeful of performing the move themselves.

The solidarity celebration

Gabriel Jesus celebrated his goal during Arsenal’s trouncing of Brentford by performing a heartwarming gesture which fans claim they “need on FIFA”. The striker performed a dance in front of the home crowd which had first been performed by fellow Brazilian Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius, however, was met with racial abuse by agent Pedro Bravo on Spanish football programme El Chiringuito, who asked the Real Madrid ace to “respect rivals and stop playing the monkey". We would love to see more of the Vinicius jig in game as a middle-finger to racists everywhere.

Cage climber

Spectacular matches deserve spectacular celebrations. That’s exactly what happened in Boca Juniors’ recent 1-0 win over River Plate when Dario Benedetto scored the winner.

The No9 delivered a superhuman celebration, running straight towards fans behind the goal before jumping onto the fence and scaling it several feet. His wild and passionate celebration was compared to Spiderman, while fans pleaded for it to be brought to FIFA.


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