Alisha Lehmann was offered £90,000 for one night stand by famous celeb

Stunning Aston Villa women's star Alisha Lehmann has told how a besotted celebrity once offered her nearly £100,000 to score with her for just one night.

Alisha, dubbed the world's sexiest footballer, described the male celeb as "internationally" famous but refused to name him. She told podcaster Shirin David how he text her and a minder at a Miami nightclub with his bizarre offer to show while Alisha she was holidaying in the US.

She said the message stated: "I'll pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss Francs (£90,121) for a night with her." Alisha added: "Of course, I didn't answer, it was crazy. The message was from someone very well known. We've met before, but not in person. We were at the same event."

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Shocked German rapper Shirin replied: "I have to know the name! Is it a footballer?" But Alisha, 24, would only say: "I can't reveal that. But he is very, very well known internationally."

Swiss national Alisha, who has 15.5 million Instagram followers, makes no secret of the fact that she fancies both men and women.

She told the Dir Tea Talk on 9th October how even after she'd ignored his offer, the celeb's agent continued to blitz the minder with messages. Alisha said: "The thing is, I still have the message. He's a bit stupid."

But some contacts with celebs can be more fun, she explained. When asked about the most famous person she's ever talked to on social media, she said: "That was only three days ago. Drake wrote to me! He asked me for a jersey."

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But the wealthy star went on to criticise the gulf between the earnings of male and female footballers. Alisha is thought to earn £160,000 a year from Villa, a fraction of what star male players make.

She keeps up her earnings with constant social media posts, sponsorships and calendars.

She said: "If I were a man now, I would be mega, mega-rich.As a man, you don't have to do social media, you earn so much per week that it would be enough for your entire life."

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She said she hoped that wage equality could be reached in "ten to 20 years".

Lehmann previously played for West Ham until 2021, when she joined Everton on a loan. She signed for Villa later that year.

She is openly bisexual and previously dated Swiss national team-mate Ramona Bachmann.

She was in a relationship with Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz until 2022. It recently emerged that her Instagram posts are worth an astonishing £245,000 each.

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