Anthony Martial labelled an 'entitled nitwit' by Simon Jordan

Anthony Martial labelled an ‘entitled nitwit’ by talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan after the Frenchman’s swipes at former Manchester United managers Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

  • Anthony Martial took aim at his former managers in a revealing interview
  • French forward said that Jose Mourinho disrespected him at Manchester United
  • Simon Jordan took aim at Martial for giving footballers everywhere a bad name

Simon Jordan has taken aim at Manchester United forward to Anthony Martial for being an ‘entitled nitwit’ following the player’s recent comments directed at Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

Martial, 26, took aim at two of his former managers in a recent interview with France Football for a host of reasons, notably for having felt disrespected by Mourinho and Solskjaer for an act of ‘treachery’ for not playing him when he returned from injury.

Speaking on talkSPORT regarding Martial’s comments, Jordan criticised the United forward, claiming that such accusations risked giving footballers everywhere a bad name. 

Anthony Martial took aim at two of his former managers for what he perceives as them letting him down in various ways

‘So basically – you arrogant, entitled little nitwit – your manager offered you an opportunity to see his way of thinking, you perceived that as being treachery,’ he said. 

‘And you then move it along and you take a swipe at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer… This sort of outlook and disposition, does it not stagger you a little bit and steer into the narrative that people have such a low opinion of footballers sometimes, the lack of self awareness?’

Martial had said of his relationship with Mourinho recently: ‘The story did not start well [with the shirt saga – when Mourinho took the number nine shirt off Martial to give to Zlatan Ibrahimovic]. 

The Frenchman accused Jose Mourinho of disrespecting him and he Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of treachery in a revealing interview

‘He disrespected me, straight up… He was talking about me in the press. He likes these games, but he also knows who he is doing it with.

‘He knows that I am 20 years old then and that if I say something, it is I who will be the young person who lacks respect. 

‘The second season [at United], I was the team’s top scorer in the first part of the season, he brought in Alexis Sanchez and I hardly played anymore. It cost me dearly. I should have been there [the 2018 World Cup].’

Simon Jordan questioned Martial over his comments, labelling him ‘entitled’ and saying he gave footballers everywhere a bad name for not taking responsibility

Meanwhile, on Solskjaer, Martial claimed: ‘I regularly played injured. People don’t know it, I couldn’t accelerate during the four months following the Covid season. 

‘The coach tells me he needs me, so I play. But, given my game, if I can’t accelerate, it becomes very complicated all the same. The coach never bothered to tell the media.

‘Obviously, I ended up getting injured for good and when I came back, finished, I didn’t play anymore. I took it very badly, I had a feeling of injustice, you are asked to sacrifice yourself for the team and behind the scenes you are dismissed. 

‘For me, it’s almost treachery. That’s all I hate. I can be blamed, but not for being fake.’

Following Solskjaer’s sacking last autumn, Ralf Rangnick was brought in and Martial’s fortunes as a United player did not increase exponentially. 

Indeed, he was shipped off to Sevilla where he endured a difficult few months. 

Jordan cited this spell in Sevilla, questioning when Martial would stand up and admit some of the fault lies with him. 

‘He stunk the place out at Sevilla last year, so this is not him, the dynamic is not him, it’s everybody else. It’s everybody’s fault, but him,’ he said. 

‘So it wasn’t his fault, it was Mourinho’s fault. It wasn’t his fault, it was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s fault. I’m assuming that it was too hot in Sevilla, so it wasn’t his fault either. At what point does someone say to this fella, “shut up”?’

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