Arsenal Fan TV’s staggering earnings per show as they approach one billion views

Arsenal Fan TV is well known by Gunners fans and, on occasion, rival supporters due to their outbursts in front of camera – and now it’s been claimed that they have pocketed a fair bit of money by doing so.

Reports suggest the channel, which rebranded as ‘ AFTV ’ after breaching copyright rules, rakes in as much as £100,000 per month.

The channel came to prominence during Arsene Wenger’s tenure, during which time they would have outspoken fans on camera to debate whether the Frenchman should be fired or not.

Internet celebrities such as ‘DT’, Claude, ‘Troopz’, Lyle, and ‘TY’ have all featured on the channel, which is run by Robbie Lyle.

But they’ve faced criticism in the past due to the opinions voiced on the channel.

And some have claimed that they operate at a loss, due to the fact their clips usually seem to be shared at a more accelerated rate if fans are seen raving about a defeat.

But contrary to those claims the Mirror suggest they've actually earned a fair whack – £100,000-per-month in fact.

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Having posted 13,778 videos, the AFTV YouTube page has over 991million views, and is closing in on one billion views.

The money comes from adverts alone, and SocialBlade claims their earnings per month range from £2,900-per-month to £46,700 per-month.

Alex Kostin of American Gambler, the researchers behind the Mirror’s claim, said: "We knew AFTV was popular but we didn't expect the ad revenue to be as high as it is.

“Using the same software used to research ad revenue earnings, we are predicting their total views to hit 1 billion by early February and their subscriber count to treble by 2024 to just under 4m.

“There's clearly huge demand for unofficial fan content and while fans can't go to stadiums, this is the next best thing.”

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