Arsene Wenger’s response when Jose Mourinho asked him if he would be Arsenal CEO

Arsene Wenger says he would consider a role in the Arsenal hierarchy – after being asked whether he would by Jose Mourinho.

Tottenham boss Mourinho was one of the wealth of cultural figures to contribute to a Q&A with the former Gunners manager.

In a unique interview with the Observer, Wenger answered questions from fans, but also the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Spike Lee and Ken Loach.

And Mourinho was asked to pose a question to Wenger – a man who he holds a significant admiration for.

Mourinho said: "I had the opportunity to get to know you at UEFA and FIFA meetings and dinners.

"With your culture and vision, I believe you have the qualities to be a top exec, such as a CEO or director of football, at a club.

"Would you have ever considered such a role at Arsenal or was your desire always to remain on the pitch?"

Wenger's response was a considered one – and he admits that he would have considered being on the Arsenal board in some capacity if the offer was there for him.

He said: "No, I would have considered being on the board at Arsenal as an adviser.

"I believe that honestly there is a deficit of knowledge in the big clubs of top, top-level competition and games of top-level sport.

"And I believe we have seen recently that there are many ways to be successful in football.

"For example, there’s the Bayern [Munich] way, where the whole success and continuity relies on people who know the values of the club, and they transfer that from generation to generation: Beckenbauer, Hoeness, Rummenigge.

"Or there are models in England of quick money and quick success. Both can work.

"I like the fact that a club is first an identity and has knowledge that is transferred from generation to generation. So that’s why I saw things that way."

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