Barcelonas Camp Nou hygiene woes included pigeon nests covered in excrement

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Barcelona overlooked major hygiene issues at their historic Camp Nou stadium, a ‘deplorable’ report has revealed.

The Camp Nou, which has been home to Barcelona since the 1960s, is widely regarded by many as one of the world’s grandest of footballing arenas.

However, a report detailing the state of the stadium in the summer of 2013 has revealed a number of shocking truths about its upkeep.

According to Gold Service, the company tasked with surveying the stadium back then, a number of alarming hygiene concerns were raised following an inspection.

Pigeon nests covered in excrement created unpleasant smells and led to swarms of flies and mites gathering inside the 100,000-seater arena, it has been revealed.

The report also uncovered evidence of bird droppings falling into areas where food was prepared for supporters.

"The situation was deplorable," declared Toni Mora, who signed off the report, to RAC1 on Friday. "The word here is carelessness. The (pigeon) nests had probably been there for a couple of years, given the amount and size of them. If it was just a recent thing, there would only have been a few twigs."

Mora explained that the health and safety of spectators was neglected with an accumulation of dirt proving a serious hygiene risk for fans.

Immediate action was demanded by those carrying out the report, however Mora revealed Barcelona ignored offers from Gold Service to address the problems.

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The news comes a day after Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia announced that Barca played 21 games at the Camp Nou between 2019 and 2020 despite a serious number of structural concerns.

Once again, immediate action was called for after further reports claimed spectators were in danger of having fragments fall upon them while in the stadium.

Former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who was in charge at the time, ignored the findings which revealed that 127 problems in the Nou Camp needed resolving, 44 of which endangered fans.

Since the appointment of new president Joan Laporta in March, the club have made a considerable effort to renovate the iconic arena which he described as being in a state of decay.

Despite their well-documented financial woes, Barcelona confirmed last week that they will play away at another stadium for up to a year while the Camp Nou is renovated.

Club president Laporta announced that the long-delayed refurbishment, which will see the stadium’s capacity increased to 110,000 seats, will commence in the summer of 2022.

Barcelona’s Estadi Johan Cruyff and the city’s Olympic Stadium are being considered as temporary homes while the revamp project takes place.

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