Boris Becker claims Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp tried to visit him in prison

German tennis legend Boris Becker has claimed that Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp tried to visit him while he was in prison in the UK.

Three-time Wimbledon champion Becker was handed a two-and-a-half year prison sentence earlier this year after failing to declare £2.5 million worth of assets to avoid paying debts.

Becker has since been released and deported to Germany having served eight months and has revealed how other inmates threatened to kill him.

The 55-year-old allegedly sparked outrage among his prison inmates when he was handed a new job in jail, teaching sports science as a classroom assistant.

Becker has now spoken about Liverpool manager Klopp and how the German football boss tried to visit him while he was locked away.

‘We are good friends and I gave his name to the authorities but then they came back and said that he couldn’t come as he was too famous and they were concerned for his safety,’ Becker told Sat TV.

‘I was allowed two visits a month and I had to give these names to the authorities so they could be checked out but it is a very slow process.

‘The first time Lilian [Becker’s girlfriend] came she said she was shocked at how I looked, although she only told me that later.’

Becker regularly appeared as a pundit on the BBC’s coverage of the Wimbledon Championships before his conviction.

John McEnroe and Sue Barker came under fire at Wimbledon 2022 for pledging support to Becker during a live broadcast.

‘Prison is a different world,’ Becker added. ‘You are all the same. It sounds strange, you are so dependent on each other.

‘I will keep contact with some of the prisoners. We needed each other. We really supported each other.

‘I got so many letters from fans, from friends. I read every single letter. I collected them all and I will answer each one of them over Christmas.’

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