Broadcaster apologises after using Nazi lyrics to subtitle German anthem

Dutch television broadcaster NPO have apologised after subtitling the German national anthem with lyrics linked to Nazi-era Germany.

Germany were knocked out of Euro 2020 by England on Tuesday night, with many Three Lions fans disappointed at the booing of the visitors' national anthem.

NPO is the main TV channel in the Netherlands and showed out date lyrics in their subtitling service.

They broadcast lyrics from the opening verse of 'Lied der Deutschen' (Song of the Germans), which has been out of use since 1952.

It included the words "Deutschland uber alles / Uber alles in der Welt", which can be translated as "Germany, above all / above everything in the world".

They were words chanted by Adolf Hitler and those who supported the Nazi leader, with another verse taken out after the Second World War.

A third stanza, stressing "unity and freedom and justice", forms part of the current official anthem, which was sung by players on Tuesday night.

NPO wrote in a tweet: "The wrong verse was accidentally shown. This is a mistake by one of our subtitlers.

"We apologise to viewers who were disturbed by this."

England fans were heard booing the German anthem despite an email from the England Supporters Travel Club urging respect.

The email read: “Whether you are at Wembley Stadium, or watching from somewhere else, please support England in the right way, before, during and after the match.

“This includes respecting each national anthem and the players’ choice to take the knee before kick-off.

“We want you to be able to watch the match in a safe and ­enjoyable environment that’s free from any discriminatory or disrespectful behaviour.”

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