Burnley's unique transfer announcements have left fans in stitches

Burnley’s bizarre summer of transfer announcements – including Teletubbies, the Inbetweeners and Back to the Future – have left fans in stitches!

  • Burnley’s media team have caused chaos with bizarre transfer unveiling videos
  • They’ve taken ideas from Teletubbies, Gavin and Stacey, and The Inbetweeners 
  • Videos involving Zeki Amdouni and Nathan Redmond have left fans in stitches  

Burnley’s social media admins have certainly been earning their money in the past few weeks as they’ve promoted the club’s summer transfer splurges in unbelievably creative fashion. 

Teams have been finding ever-more ingenious ways to unveil their squad additions in recent years. Santi Cazorla appearing in a smoke-filled tube in a magic act at Villarreal sticks in the memory from 2018, while Man United will always be remembered for unveiling Alexis Sanchez while playing the piano.

Of course, it’s no surprise that clubs have taken the chance to go viral for digital-first revealings, and Burnley have nailed the genre, often finding themselves in a league of their own. 

From Zeki Amdouni living inside a Teletubby’s stomach to James Trafford starring in a Back to the Future remix, they’ve stolen the show this summer.

Here is Mail Sport’s definitive recount of the Clarets’ incredible transfer unveilings.

Vincent Kompany has made seven permanent signings this transfer window 

Jacob Bruun Larsen in Monsters’ Inc

Another deal, another pop culture reference and a invented cameo for a new signing. This time it was for Danish star Jacob Bruun Larsen after he sealed a loan move from Hoffenheim.

The Denmark international was unveiled in traditional style, being placed in the classic Pixar movie Monsters’ Inc, where he is depicted as one of the monsters coming out of the closet. 

A clip from the film shows blue monster Sully reassuring ‘Boo’ that there are no monsters hiding in her room, as he goes over to the door and opens it before Larsen steps out holding his hands up and doing his best scary face.

Burnley fans will be hoping they also get a ‘monster’ on the pitch after he agreed a deal until the end of the season. 

Burnley unveiled winger Jacob Bruun Larsen by depicting him in the Monsters Inc movie

Nathan Redmond’s Backstreet Boys rendition

Nathan Redmond signed a two-year deal at Turf Moor following the expiry of his Besiktas contract. 

To announce him, Burnley posted a clip from TV comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine in which suspects line up and sing I ‘Want It That Way’ by the Backstreet Boys in order to identify who committed a crime.

In their video, when it is suspect number five’s turn, Nathan Redmond appears to mime his part.  

When he is identified as the ‘suspect’, he re-appears to say: ‘[number five] has signed for Burnley. Up the Clarets.’

Nathan Redmond mimed some of ‘I Want It That Way’ in his Burnley transfer announcement

James Trafford in Back to the Future 

Burnley confirmed the £19m capture of young goalkeeper James Trafford from Manchester City in the wake of his U21 European Championships win with England. 

Trafford saved a stoppage-time penalty to become the first-ever U21s goalkeeper to keep clean sheets in every match at the tournament – and he is now the nation’s third-most expensive goalkeeper. 

In Burnley’s announcement they replay the famous time travel scene with the DeLorean car driving at 88mph and look back on Trafford’s double save against Italy in the U21s Euros final. 

When the car returns, it has dragged the Cumbrian 20-year-old with it, who says: ‘Hi, I’m James Trafford, and I’ve just signed for Burnley. Up the Clarets!’ 

He arrives on a four-year contract with lots of promise, having kept 35 clean sheets in 85 games on loan at Bolton across one-and-a-half seasons.  

James Trafford appeared in a Back to the Future-inspired announcement video for the Clarets

Zeki Amdouni on Tinky-Winky’s stomach

Vincent Kompany added some firepower to his frontline for Burnley’s Premier League return in the form of Zeki Amdouni, who penned a five-year contract.

The Switzerland international scored 22 goals in 55 games last season for Basel. 

In one of the most eccentric unveilings you’ll see, the Teletubbies frolic before a rather awkward-looking Amdouni appears on a touch screen on Tinky-Winky’s stomach as the camera zooms in on him. 

He says: ‘Hello, my name is Zeko Amdouni. I am very happy to be here and I am excited to play! Up the Clarets!’

The 22-year-old, who reached the Europa Conference League semi-finals last season, was probably happy not just to sign, but to see the end of a media responsibility that his friends will likely mock him with for years to come.  

Zeki Amdouni was displayed on a touch screen on Tinky-Winky’s stomach to greet fans

Vigouroux’s cameo in The Inbetweeners 

The club added experienced Football League goalkeeper Lawrence Vigoroux to their ranks in late June. 

The 29-year-old goalkeeper signed from Leyton Orient, where he was a key part of them winning the League Two title in 2022-23, on a three-year deal. 

For his announcement, Burnley replayed a scene from The Inbetweeners Movie where the four lads become irritated at Clarets fans chanting at the back of the bus while on holiday. 

And who is among their number? None other than Vigoroux, apparently, who the video cuts to as he is sat in a minibus chanting to himself. 

As the supporters in the movie chant ‘We love you Burnley, we do!’, he finishes off the ditty with ‘Oh Burnley, we love you!’

What Vigouroux didn’t realise was that stepping up to the Premier League would involve an entire new career… as a comedic actor. 

Lawrence Vigoroux swapped goalkeeping for rowdy fandom in his Inbetweeners ‘cameo’ 

Wazzap, Dara O’Shea? 

Irish international Dara O’Shea could not escape Burnley’s crazy social media antics towards the end of June. 

Burnley bolstered their backline by bringing him in from West Brom on a four-year deal. 

To show him off to fans, they borrowed a clip from Scary Movie, where characters imitate the old Budweiser advert in shouting ‘Wazzap’ (a street-smart way of saying ‘what’s up?’) down the phone. 

At one juncture, Shorty asks: ‘What you doin’, son?’ 

At the other end of the line is Burnley’s new man, who replies: ‘Nothing’, just chillin’. I’m signing for Burnley.’ 

Dara O’Shea will be hoping for less chills and more thrills this year after his Scary Movie video

Jordan Beyer on Deal or No Deal 

Jordan Beyer rejoined Burnley from Borussia Monchengladbach on a four-year contract after a season-long loan in Lancashire. 

The defender was an important player in their Championship title win, in which they conceded just 35 goals. 

In his announcement, the club rehashed an episode of popular quiz show Deal or No Deal with the banker offering the contestant the chance to walk away with Beyer. 

The contestant takes the deal, prompting the 23-year-old to emerge from confetti with his thumbs-up and a smile plastered on his face. ‘Deal’, he says. 

One imagines that cramping into a Deal or No Deal box would have been rather uncomfortable for a 6ft2in man, though it might be good practice for all the time Burnley will spend in their own box this season. 

Jordan Beyer was offered as the prize by the banker on a fake version of Deal or No Deal 

Bonus – Michael Obafemi’s Gavin and Stacey showing

Something tells us that the bizarre transfer announcements are here to stay – Burnley have been doing this for quite some time after all. 

Back in January, Burnley revealed the temporary acquisition of Michael Obafemi from Swansea, with an option to buy the striker for around £3.5m, which they have since activated.

In revealing the move the Clarets took a classic scene from Gavin and Stacey in which Smithy and Rudi try out a rap they invented for Gavin over the phone. 

But in this version, Obafemi takes Gavin’s place. After the two wannabe stars sing their hearts out at him, he laughs and says: ‘very good, very good. How long did it take you to think of this reveal, then?’ 

‘Been working on it about two or three weeks,’ comes Smithy’s reply, with Rudi adding: ‘it’s good, innit?’

At this stage, fans are probably begging for Kompany’s side to sign anybody just so they can have more innovative content to enjoy. 

In a self-effacing twist, Burnley had Michael Obafemi poke fun at their social media strategy 

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