Carragher can’t stand England “bandwagon jumpers” and would never be a “phony”

Ex-England centre-back Jamie Carragher has weighed in on "bandwagon jumpers" as Gareth Southgate's side prepare to take on Denmark in the semi-finals of Euro 2020.

The 43-year-old made 38 appearances as part of England's 'golden generation' but retired in 2007 to prolong his club career at Liverpool.

Although, Carragher did return to the Three Lions set-up briefly in 2010; Fabio Capello had a defensive crisis ahead of the World Cup in South Africa and the two-time FA Cup winner agreed to backtrack on his international retirement for the summer tournament.

Now a Telegraph columnist, Carragher has slammed England "bandwagon jumpers" as fakes and "phonies":

"When you are brought up that way, you do not feel the goosebumps when hearing the national anthem or Three Lions," wrote the former Liverpool defender.

"Today, if I was to join the chorus of former players singing about football "coming home", people who know me well enough would correctly accuse me of being a fake.

"I can’t stand seeing all the bandwagon jumpers as England progress through the rounds, especially from politics. They are phonies."

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Despite the obvious grievance at "fake" England fans, Carragher admits a sense of optimsim for this England outift unlike ever before.

He admits himself he's always preferred club football over international matches but still takes pride in Gareth Southgate's side:

"Over the last two major tournaments, this group has stirred feelings in me which I cannot recall for any other England team.

"It is not patriotism, but something else – a sense of being able to identify with the values and character of Southgate and his squad.

"These players possess an ability to unify the nation unlike any other in my lifetime."

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