Channel 4 to air Jurgen Klopp documentary on Monday night

‘He nailed himself to the people when he said “I’m the normal one” because that’s what the Liverpool people are’: Sir Kenny Dalglish among the Reds legends to tell the story of Jurgen Klopp’s rise to King of the Kop

  • Channel 4 will air a special documentary on Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp 
  • The film will chart the German’s rise to European and Premier League champion
  • Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish and Steven Gerrard are featured in the piece
  • The 60-minute documentary will air on Monday August 3 at 10pm 

Channel 4 will air a special documentary on Jurgen Klopp’s incredible journey to becoming a European and Premier League champion. 

With interviews from Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish and Steven Gerrard, ‘Jurgen Klopp: Germany’s Greatest Export’ will tell the story of how the Reds’ boss rose from being an unknown footballer to world class manager. 

The 60-minute documentary, which airs on Monday, will follow the story of Klopp and Liverpool from 1990 until their paths crossed when he was appointed at Anfield in 2015. 

Channel 4 will air a documentary on Jurgen Klopp’s rise to becoming a Premier League winner

He delivered the club’s first league title in 30 years after winning the Champions League

Produced by the award-winning production company Whisper, the film will chart how Klopp hung up his playing boots at Mainz to takeover as first-team coach, where he first made his name in football management.

The documentary will also look at how he ‘knocked Bayern Munich off their perch’ by winning back-to-back Bundesliga titles with Borussia Dortmund in 2011 and 2012, before he made history on Merseyside. 

After delivering Liverpool’s sixth Champions League trophy in 2019, this season Klopp brought the club their first league title in 30 years. 

Klopp beat Bayern Munich to win back-to-back Bundeslia titles with Borussia Dortmund

The 60-minute documentary will follow the story of Liverpool and Klopp from 1990 onwards

Dalglish, the last Reds manager to have won the top flight, said the atmosphere at Anfield changed immediately when the German took over. 

‘When he was appointed everyone was really excited and he nailed himself to the people when he said “I’m the normal one” because that’s what the Liverpool people are, they just want people to be normal, very good at their job but they don’t need it slammed in their face every two minutes

‘It’s important that the club has a feel-good factor, Jurgen certainly brought that in and that’s the way it used to be at Liverpool. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that was when it was successful as well.

‘One area where Jurgen is brilliant, it is not about me, me, me it is about us, it is about Liverpool, it is about the supporters and Liverpool has always been close to the community and he has epitomised that and bought into that and agreed with it.’

The film will include an interview with Kenny Dalglish who delivered the Reds previous title

Former Liverpool captain Gerrard, who had one season under the German, also spoke about the excitement Klopp’s arrival with fans hoping he would be able to deliver the same success he enjoyed with Dortmund.

‘A couple of years before Liverpool came he’s knocking the likes of Real Madrid out of tournaments. 

‘He took a team, without spending huge amounts of money and he’s putting them alongside the Barcelonas, the Real Madrids, the AC Milans, all the teams that had been doing well in Europe, Jürgen Klopp took Borussia Dortmund there. He’d even knocked Bayern Munich off their perch.’  

The film, brought to viewers in partnership with ERDINGER Weissbrau, will also include interviews with ex-Liverpool stars John Barnes and Steve McManaman.

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard spoke about the excitement Klopp’s arrival had

Jurgen Klopp: Germany’s Greatest Export is on Channel 4, Monday, 3rd August at 10pm

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