Chelsea Supporters’ Trust demands board resignations for European Super League plans

The Blues are one of six clubs from England who attempted to force through their plans

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust has called for resignations from the club’s board in the wake of the Blues’ Super League U-turn.

A CST statement vented frustrations with chairman Bruce Buck’s role in explaining Chelsea‘s Super League plans to fans on Monday, only to withdraw on Tuesday night.

No resignations are planned at Chelsea however, the PA news agency understands.

“It has been confirmed that CFC is officially withdrawing their intention to join the European Super League,” read the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust statement.

“Whilst this is a huge win for supporters worldwide, our fight to secure the proper future of the club will continue.

“The CST is appalled with the tone and insincerity of the statement issued by CFC today. We request a full and in-depth explanation as to why the board took the decision to turn their back on the European competition and for CFC to explain why they signed up to the Super League without prior consultation with their loyal supporters.

“We are disappointed that an apology has not been included in the statement.

“The legacy of our club was put at risk for what appears to have been solely for financial gain.

“The CST presently have little or no confidence in our current leadership at board level.

“On Monday Bruce Buck extensively defended CFC’s plan to remain in the Super League at a fan’s forum meeting.

“Buck alongside Guy Laurence (CEO) appears to have given no consideration towards the loyal supporters, so their positions would seem untenable moving forward.”

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust pledged to keep pushing the Stamford Bridge club for further answers, in a bid to ensure no repeat of the events of the last few days.

“Our relations with CFC will remain frayed until we have a better understanding of why this decision happened and we are assured that change and safeguards are put in place.

“The CST will not rest until we are comfortable that change and protections are put in place. 116 years of history was jeopardised. This is our club and will remain our club.

“The past few days have shown football at its worst, but also more importantly at its best. Chelsea supporters across the globe should be proud that we did it together. All uniting against a disgraceful decision. Our voice was heard, and they listened.”


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