Chicharito reveals his 'bittersweet' Manchester United experience

Javier Hernandez reveals his time at Manchester United was ‘bittersweet’ as he struggled to enjoy playing while ‘thinking you’ve done everything’

  • Javier Hernandez spent five years at Manchester United between 2010 and 2015 
  • The striker said it was difficult to enjoy the experience and not get overwhelmed
  • The Mexican international is currently plying his trade in the MLS with LA Galaxy 
  • But the 31-year-old refused to rule out a return to European football in the future 

Javier Hernandez says his experience at Manchester United was ‘bittersweet’ as he tried to balance enjoying the journey and not getting overwhelmed.

The striker spent five years at Old Trafford between 2010 and 2015, winning two Premier League titles and a Community Shield. 

Hernandez, known as Chicharito, joined the club from Guadalajara and also revealed his shock at Sir Alex Ferguson’s side wanting to sign him.

Javier Hernandez said it was difficult to balance enjoyment and not getting overwhelmed

The striker spent five years at Manchester United which saw him win two Premier League titles

‘My dad told me: “Hey, Manchester United want you,” and I told my dad: “No way dad, you’re teasing me,”‘ he told ESPN.

‘One night I was playing video games with the club, with [Wayne] Rooney, and two days later you tell me that the club wants to sign me? I told him: “No dad, it’s not a true. Impossible.”

‘[When you join a club like United] it is difficult to find a balance between enjoying it, not getting obsessed over wanting more and thinking that you have already done everything.

‘It is like bittersweet. It was all amazing and then on the plane I asked myself: And now what?’

The Mexican said he had played as Manchester United and Rooney on FIFA before signing

Hernandez went on to play for Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen before returning to the Premier League with West Ham in 2017.

The striker left the Hammers two years later to join Sevilla but he spent just four months in Spain before joining LA Galaxy in January to become the league’s highest paid player.

But Hernandez has not ruled out returning to Europe in the future.

‘You never know [if I could move back]. I don’t know. It’s difficult, but why not?

‘I’m a person who is assured when I make decisions. I can change my mind, everyone can, but I’m sure of the project that I’ve chosen [at Galaxy].’ 

Hernandez spent two years with West Ham after spells with Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen

The 31-year-old refused to rule out returning to Europe one day after signing for LA Galaxy

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