Comedian’s viral ‘slow-mo’ goal celebration hailed as ‘absolute genius’ by fans

It's commonplace for children to practice knee slides or pulling their tops over their heads to celebrate imaginary goals – but Karl Porter is the kid that never grew up.

And practice seemingly does make perfect after a clip of the comedian's 'slow-motion goal celebration' started doing the rounds on social media. Football fans have been in a frenzy since watching the bit, which has left an impression across the world and earned millions of likes.

Salford-born Porter performed the gag at the Up The Creek Comedy Club in southeast London, where the audience gave a tentative 'yes' when he first asked if they wanted to see the routine. But just 20 seconds later the venue was in hysterics.

His performance starts with a dead-eyed stare across stage and quickly develops into one of the most convincing slow-mo runs you're likely to witness. From the perfectly timed swing of his arms to the tongue sticking out in concentration, it would be easy to believe a corner was actually being taken in the room.

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Porter then throws himself into a full-bodied header, with the facial expressions to match every step of the way. One member of the crowd can even be heard screaming 'that is f***ingg class' in reaction to the routine, and it's hard to disagree.

As any player would after getting on the end of a cross, Porter then gives the glance to check if his header has hit the target. And hilarity ensues as a look of intrigue turns to one of ecstasy, launching himself into a perfectly executed knee slide (complete with a twist at the end) – all while standing.

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The video post on Porter's Instagram page has racked up more than 3.3million likes, with the performer even invited on talkSPORT to discuss his viral moment.

The clip has spread like wildfire, with the Premier League's official Instagram commenting to ask viewers which player the slo-mo bit most resembles. The NFL also interacted with Porter's post to ask if he could do a touchdown next.

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Fans can't get enough of what is surely one of the most original pieces of physical comedy seen in modern times. The post has earned floods of compliments, with many deeming Porter's act 'incredible' and 'unreal'.

'Unreal' about sums it up considering it's difficult to understand exactly what you're perceiving when he first begins his run-up. However, the Liverpool supporter now has the world on a string in anticipation of what he'll come up with next.

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