Dejan Kulusevski reveals top five Premier League wingers of all time

Dejan Kulusevski reveals his top five Premier League wingers of all time, with surprising Brazilian pick at No 4 and top spot selection which could anger Tottenham fans

  • The 23-year-old was signed by Spurs from Juventus after going on loan to Parma
  • He named two former Chelsea stars which will not best please Tottenham fans
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Tottenham forward Dejan Kulusevski has revealed his top five Premier League wingers of all time.

The Swedish footballer was signed by the North London side in 2022 from Juventus after he went on loan to Parma. 

With three goals in 12 games so far this season, he has finally started to find his feet at Spurs who have enjoyed an excellent start to the season. 

But, after he was asked to name his favourite ever wingers in the Premier League – Tottenham fans might not be too happy with his selection. 

In fifth place, Kulusevski named Spurs legend Gareth Bale and said: ‘I have never seen something like him before. He had an unbelievable shot, he was very fast and good with the ball. He played a lot of positions and scored a lot of goals.’

Dejan Kulusevski has revealed his personal top five Premier League wingers of all time

The 23-year-old has started well for Spurs this season after scoring three times in 12 games

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However, in fourth place the 23-year-old ranked former Chelsea winger Willian above Bale.

He said: ‘He’s an unbelievable player, very underrated – so it’s very good to watch him.’

In third place was Liverpool’s  Mohamed Salah, who he described by saying: ‘Every season he scores at least 20, 25 goals with 20 assists. He’s an unbelievable player and year after year you can see how hard he works. 

‘He’s a great player and one of the best in the history of the Premier League.’

In second was his former Juventus team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

‘He’s a great friend and a fantastic football player. He’s one of the greatest players of all time. I have huge respect for him,’ Kulusevski said.

Kulusevski said former Chelsea winger Willian was very ‘underrated’ and a fantastic player

The Swedish international then ranked another Chelsea star Eden Hazard in first place

Then ranked in first place was another Chelsea star, Eden Hazard.

‘He has been my favorutie player since I was young and he made me happy – he made everybbody happy by watching him play because he was just a joy, like a child playing football, scoring and assisting,’ the Spurs winger explained.

‘Of course I watched him a lot so some movements and turns with the ball I try to copy him as much as I can even though I’m much taller and it’s a little bit more difficult.’


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