Edinson Cavani: From farming and ballet to the Man United spotlight

Edinson Cavani has gone from shearing sheep and learning ballet to Manchester United’s new No 7… after nearly quitting for life on a farm and months without kicking a ball, he’s back in the big time

  • Striker Edinson Cavani had the option to settle for a quiet life in the countryside 
  • Instead he has joined one of the biggest clubs in world by signing for Man United
  • His last goal was 230 days ago when he was in France at Paris Saint-Germain
  • He’s been farming and honing ballet skills in Uruguay amid Covid-19 pandemic 

Edinson Cavani had the option to settle for a quiet life in the countryside. After a staggering 200 goals for Paris Saint-Germain and 50 goals for his beloved Uruguay no one would’ve blamed him.  

Instead the 33-year-old has decided to take on a new challenge. He has spent the last few months shearing sheep, labouring on the land and honing his ballet skills  – now he has decided to swap a peaceful time for the intense spotlight at Manchester United. 

Instead of spending time with his family he will fall under the microscope alongside his new family at one of the biggest clubs in world football.

Edinson Cavani scored 200 goals for Paris Saint-Germain before leaving the club this summer

The striker has not played since March but posted clip of workout in Man United gear this week

Following the shutdown of football due to Covid-19, Cavani moved back home to Uruguay

Cavani made the surprise move to Manchester United this week after leaving PSG at the end of last season. His contract was up in the French capital but linking up with the Red Devils did not appear to be initially on the cards.

Not least because United failed in their attempts to sign other transfer targets but because Cavani himself considered hanging up his boots for good.

Cavani revealed on Tuesday that he and his girlfriend contracted coronavirus over a month ago, following a holiday in Ibiza with former PSG team-mates Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes.

The striker and Jocelyn Burgardt went on to make full recoveries before saying he nearly considered quitting football.

‘Your family’s health comes first,’ Cavani told Argentine radio program Dos de Punta

‘Of course I considered the idea of ​​quitting football. 

‘It is true that I managed that option and that possibility to stop playing and stay in the countryside, dedicate myself to my life in the countryside. 

‘We have suffered through the coronavirus with my family and with my girlfriend. The truth is that it was bad because of the fear that it awakens. Thank God we recovered well and evolved well and here we are.’ 

The 33-year-old Uruguayan and model girlfriend  Jocelyn Burgardt contracted coronavirus

Cavani has been working on a farm in his homeland amid the coronavirus pandemic

From Salto, striker has roots in rural surroundings – video was posted of him shearing sheep

Cavani started to get used to life without football following the shutdown of the sport. His last game was seven months ago – PSG’s 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund in the last 16 of the Champions League on March 11. By the end of that month he was back home in Uruguay.

From Salto, the striker has his roots in rural surroundings. ‘It’s always been football first, then hunting for Edi. He loves it and he’s a good shot at both!’ Father Luis told The Telegraph in 2014.

‘We always did it when he was a kid and we still do. He came here from the camp in Montevideo and everything he hadn’t done in a whole year while he’s been in Paris, he has to cram in over two days.

‘So we spent them fishing and hunting, getting only three hours sleep both nights. It was crazy but he did it.

Cavani left PSG in June – giving him more time pursue his other passions, including ballet

Sporting a Nike top and leggings while wearing hair in a bun, Cavani featured in a dance advert

‘Edi’s not going to stop doing it! As for fishing, he always says it calms him. This has always been a way of life for us.’

Cavani has been working on a farm in his homeland amid the coronavirus pandemic with the Uruguay star posting several videos of himself out in the field, as opposed to on it. 

After the Ligue 1 campaign was cancelled due to Covid-19 Cavani did not sign a short-term contract extension to play in the French Cup and Champions League finals in the summer, giving him more time pursue his other passions, including ballet.

Sporting a Nike top and leggings while wearing his hair in a bun, Cavani featured in an advert, complete with pirouette, for a national dance school in Montevideo just last month.

Despite being away from game for seven months Cavani has also been working hard at home

‘Football and dance are much more alike than people imagine,’ he said.

‘Both begin as practice, but over time they can become a source of work or a career that can develop in many ways.

‘In both you have to be 100 per cent professional. You have to train, you have to eat well, rest and listen to those who have more experience.’ 

It’s been 230 days since his last goal but Cavani has heeded his own advice, getting down to work on the pitch and in the gym during his brief spell away from the game.

Old Trafford is crying out for a new star to perform following a disappointing start to season

He posted a clip of himself running on a treadmill in his United training kit on Thursday with the caption: ‘Time does not stop.’ Despite not having match fitness United are keen for him to enter the stage right away.

The Red Devils are reportedly in the process of trying to clarify whether Cavani has to quarantine for 14 days. Due to not being in an elite athlete’s bubble and living among the general public, the Uruguayan has to self-isolate for two weeks – meaning he will miss United’s Premier League clash against Newcastle next Saturday. 

Around 47,000 fans witnessed Cavani’s final game for PSG while none will watch his United bow. Old Trafford is crying out for a new star to perform but only time will tell if Cavani should have stuck to his untroubled life in the country.

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