England will discuss protesting against Qatar's human rights record

England will discuss joining Norway, Germany and Holland in protesting against Qatar’s human rights record, says Harry Kane – and captain insists they will ‘make a decision as a group’

  • A number of countries have opted to take a stand against Qatar before qualifiers 
  • Germany, Norway and Holland have all made statements on the issue so far 
  • Harry Kane has revealed England will discuss whether or not to also protest

Harry Kane says that England players will discuss joining Germany, Norway and Holland in making human rights statements during qualifying games for next year’s World Cup finals in Qatar.

Norway wore T-shirts bearing the message ‘Human Rights On and Off the Pitch’ before their qualifier against Gibraltar and on Saturday against Turkey held up one hand during their national anthem to represent the Human Rights logo.

The England captain said: ‘You saw the teams doing it a couple of days ago so I think it’d be a good conversation to have among the players. 

Harry Kane revealed that England will discuss protesting against Qatar’s human rights record

‘And from there I’m sure there’d be an outcome. But I can’t see there being anything against it. 

‘Like we’ve done with taking the knee, I think it’s important to have everyone’s point of view, everyone in a room discussing what they feel and what they want to do, and then we can make a decision as a group.’

A study, released last month by the Guardian, uncovered how 6,500 migrant workers have died since Qatar was awarded World Cup host status.  

Norway’s t-shirts asked ‘next?’ after several nations joined them in protesting against the issue

Earlier this week, before their tie against Iceland, Germany displayed their own message. The team wore black tops, each with a corresponding letter on.

They stood in a line, with their arms also interlinked, to spell out the powerful statement: ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’. 

There have been fierce debates in several countries about raising awareness of the mistreatment of workers. 

Germany sported powerful jerseys which spelled out ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ during their own stand

In Norway, it was even discussed whether the national team should boycott the showpiece altogether.  

A poll by outlet Der Spiegel in Germany, meanwhile, concluded that 68 per cent of people believe boycotting Qatar 2022 is ‘about right’ or ‘absolutely right’.

It also discovered that 83 per cent of voters in the poll believe it is a mistake to hold the tournament in the country. 

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