England’s boo-boys don’t know why they’re doing it – they’re thick as mince meat

Marcus Rashford had a big smile on his face when told he would be captaining England for the first time.

But he hadn't even kicked a ball in anger while wearing the armband before the smile had gone, because the privilege had been tarnished forever.

Want to know how warped and twisted the mind of an English football supporters is, then consider this?

Last night in Middlesbrough more than half the Three Lions team that lined up against Romania was made up of black players.

The side was also skippered by one in Rashford, who became the youngest to do so since Michael Owen 18 years ago.

But when those same black stars took the knee before kick off to support the Black Lives Matter movement, all Rashford & Co could hear was booing from their own fans in the stands.

So some people thought it wise to go to Middlesbrough, boo something Gareth Southgate had asked them not to, boo their own players off at half time and chant 'No Surrender' during the National Anthem.

All of them official members of the England Supporters' Club too, I hasten to add. Just what is wrong with these idiots?

Southgate believes those responsible don't understand the message, but what does he expect considering this lot are thick as mince.

They couldn't spell diversity, never mind grasp what it means. Tell them not to do something and they will do the exact opposite.

It's cretinous, repugnant and ignorant in the extreme.

Are players right to keep on taking the knee despite the boos? Let us know in the comments section.

The knee gesture is about challenging racism and supporting those who've suffered it, not supporting the politics of activists. But do those booing even know why they are doing it?

To those with at least half a brain or morsel of decency in their make-up, Rashford has become a deserving hero to them in the past 18 months.

He's fed staving children, taking on Prime Minister Boris Johnson and won, raised more than £20m for charities, had a best-selling book and been one of the leading lights in the fight against racism.

Heck, he's even become mates with former US President Barak Obama on a remarkable journey to being one of the most loved people in the nation.

Rashford is also a fantastic footballer, too, as he reminded us here with some welcome glimpses of those flashing feet and a second half winner from the penalty spot.

A fit and firing Rashford would walk into this England team and provide Southgate's chances of winning the Euros with a huge boost.

But sadly there are some things even Rashford cannot do – and despite all his influence, there are some people he cannot change.

And until they do, or at least want to, then nothing ever will.

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