Ex-Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll’s racy outfits made World Cup stars slide in her DMs

Ex-Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll's racy outfits at the World Cup caught the eyes of players at the tournament who slid in her DM's.

Knoll sported a slew of eye-catching outfits in Qatar that saw her Instagram followers rise to 3.7million. Throughout the spectacle in the Middle East, the busty brunette flaunted her curvaceous figure in revealing dresses that depicted Croatia's colours.

She came under fire for her risque looks and risked the wrath of Qatar's officials by coming outside with her assets on show. But footballers at the tournament had no issues with Knoll's steamy attire and flocked to her inbox to make a move on the stunning model.

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Knoll revealed that her inbox had been flooded by stars during the World Cup in an interview with Barstool Sports.

When asked by the American company if players had contacted her while she rocked her jaw-dropping outfits, she emphatically replied: "Yes! I remember a few players messaging how are you, blah blah blah."

The 30-year-old stopped short of reeling off the names of the players in question. But she did let slip that some of the stars played for the teams Croatia beat during the tournament as they would message her to say sorry for beating her country before the match took place.

However, she refused to respond to the players until Croatia had beaten their opposition before their exit in the semi-finals to tournament winners Argentina. Knoll added: "Some of the players would say sorry for tomorrow before the game… I would not respond until they lost!"

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Knoll's been in popular demand since the World Cup ended and she made the rounds in New York where she accidentally blanked a fan who attempted to shake her hand after they took a picture together. And her latest escapade has seen her cosying up to rapper Drake after being invited to Leanardo Di Caprio's party in Miami.


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