Ex-Tottenham star Mido put on so much weight he "couldn’t walk 30 yards"

Former Tottenham Hotspur striker Mido put on so much weight after retiring from football that he "couldn't walk 30 yards".

The Egyptian spent seven years playing in England after first moving to Spurs from Roma in 2005 which followed on from previous spells in Belgium, Holland, Spain and France.

Mido went on to score 22 goals in 94 Premier League appearances for four clubs as he also spent time playing for Middlesbrough, Wigan Athletic and West Ham United.

He hung up his boots in June 2013 at the age of just 30 following a season with Barnsley and now sirs on the board of Egyptian second division side ZED FC.

Mido previously opened up on his weight issues in an interview with the Irish Times in 2018 and admitted that his size was causing him pain.

“I was 150kg and I reached a point where I couldn’t walk 30 yards," explained Mido.

“If I did, I started to feel pain in my back, my joints and my knees. I remember I was getting off my boat in Egypt five months ago – this day is the turning point in my life – and I was walking off on to an island. I had three friends with me and it was 300 yards to the end of the island.

"The sand was a bit heavy and it was a bit sunny and I said to them: ‘I cannot walk.’ I had to sit for 30 minutes. I was only 34. That was the moment the switch flicked.

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“Two days later I saw the doctor. He asked me to do blood tests. When I had the results and the doctor started to talk to me, I knew I had to change.

"He told me that my cholesterol is 320 and that the top of the average is 200. He said I was on the edge of being diabetic.

"And, to be honest, the doctor told me that if I continue with my lifestyle, there is a more than an 80 per cent chance that I’ll die before I am 40. He told me: ‘You will die.’”

Mido took the doctor's advice on board and went on to lose a staggering 37kg in just five months in 2018.

He put the stunning weight loss down to a change in his lifestyle explaining that: “I don’t eat any bad carbs. I don’t eat anything fried at all. And I don’t eat any red meat.

"I have no salt or sugar. I do general training – swimming, playing squash, playing football, some easy weightlifting.

"But if I’m putting it in a percentage, it’s 70 per cent what you eat and 30 per cent workouts. If you want to lose weight, it’s what you put in your mouth.”

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