Fans adamant Liverpool midfielder Endo should have been sent off

Angry fans slam VAR and insist the ‘game’s gone’ as Liverpool star Wataru Endo escapes a red card for his tackle on Brentford’s Christian Norgaard

  • Fans were adamant Liverpool’s Wataru Endo should have been sent off 
  • Endo escaped without a card for challenge on Brentford’s Christian Norgaard 
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Supporters were left bewildered after Liverpool midfielder Wataru Endo avoided a red card for a challenge on Brentford’s Christian Norgaard.

Endo made the challenge during Liverpool’s 3-0 win at Anfield but avoided a yellow card following a VAR check.

The Liverpool player lunged in and caught Norgaard on the shin with his studs. The decision over the punishment was a difficult one to make given that both players were lunging in for the ball.

However, it was somewhat surprising that Endo didn’t get booked.  

Many onlookers were adamant that the 30-year-old should have been dismissed for his actions.

Fans on social media were adamant that Liverpool’s Wataru Endo should have been sent off

Endo managed to escape a booking for his challenge on Brentford’s Christian Norgaard

One user wrote: ‘I don’t know how Endo escaped a red card there.’

Another individual expressed their disbelief at the lack of punishment given to Endo, writing: ‘Twice in a week Endo has committed red card challenges and got nothing’.

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Another user suggested ‘the game’s gone’ after Endo wasn’t even booked.

They wrote: ‘If that Endo lunge on Norgaard isn’t even a yellow let alone a nailed on red then the game’s gone.’

Another user indicated that a red card would have been brandished if a Manchester United player had committed the challenge.

They wrote: ‘Not saying Endo’s challenge should have been a red, but I have no doubt it would have been, had he been a United player.’

Meanwhile, another user stated that it was clear that a red card should have been given.

They wrote: ‘Only people who have never kicked a ball in their lives would even consider that Endo challenge a red.’

Following a VAR check it was decided that Liverpool midfielder Endo shouldn’t be sent off 


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