Farhad Moshiri infuriates Everton fans and insists Rafa Benitez won’t be sacked

Despite suffering their heaviest loss to Liverpool in over 35 years, Everton owner Farhad Moshiri has refused to appease calls to give Rafa Benitez the sack and instead has thrown his support behind the Spaniard.

The Toffees lost 4-1 to Liverpool on Wednesday night, in what was surely a nadir of their season so far, something evident from the reaction of the fans during the game.

They are 14th in the Premier League table and without a win in eight games. Moshiri is under pressure to relieve Benitez of his duties, however, the owner has come out to say that he has Benitez’s full support.

He said via TalkSport: “Benitez is the right man. He will be supported and will get it right.”

"Under performances are down to injuries."

"He will be given money to build his own team"

But the comments have rattled some of the Everton support who feel that the former Newcastle United boss should be let go.

“Just cause Moshiri has spent his money on us doesn’t mean we owe him any thanks. He’s took the club backwards. He like the rest needs to f*** off,” one said.

Another wrote: “Sorry, thought Moshiri could be convinced on running Everton successful & self sustainable. Clearly doing same mistakes. Listening to the man on current state. 1. Tone deaf & 2. Clueless with football matters. Needs to leave otherwise fans won't have a club to support”

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A third wrote: “Moshiri speaking out through talksport completely reiterates everything the fans have been saying. Why not release a club statement? Fans are expressing anger towards players and the board and he's hiding behind Jim White. Sell up please Farhad, you're not wanted!.”

Someone wrote: “Kenwright dragged Everton through 20 years of penury and mediocrity before triumphantly presenting Farhad Moshiri as the fruit of a long harvest. Well, he's certainly turned out to be a fruit. Well done Bill. Twenty years to turn up football's most clueless billionaire owner.”

Everton face Arsenal at home on Monday before heading to Crystal Palace for their weekend fixture. They are currently six points off sixth place.

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