Football fans share horror match day meals including one disgusting sausage

Football fans have been sharing hundreds of photos of their match day food horror stories – inspired by a supporter of English Premier League club West Ham’s massive sausage which has gone viral.

The Hammers fan posted a photo of a hotdog which had a sausage twice the size of the bun following a recent match at London Stadium.

What’s the worst food you have had at a football match? Here’s mine.

Within a day the post had more than 125,000 likes.

The hilarious replies included nightmare food from football grounds from across the UK and the world.

They included a truly depressing looking squashed burger purchased by a Reading fan at Preston, a horrendous kebab at Stevenage and a tiny three inch hotdog at Morecambe.

A disgusting looking sausage from Stevenage FC.Source:Twitter

Don’t eat it all before kick-off.Source:Twitter

The hollow dog, for those watching their weight.Source:Twitter

The viral post has attracted other horror stories from the USA, Germany and Mexico.

Dozens of fans across the UK have complained of being served hotdogs with a slab of cheese.

A Concord Rangers fan in Essex was fuming to discover cheesy chips which had chips and just a cheesy string on top.

Another in Maidenhead was served extremely red coloured curry chips.

The lopped off finger is a Halloween special.Source:Twitter

Who is up for a crab pretzel?Source:Twitter

How burnt would it need to be before they wouldn’t serve it?Source:Twitter

One Twitter user posted their very sad pie saying: “Burnley 2017. Even the chuffing pie is Fed Up.”

While another posted underneath a picture of a sausage: “Is that before or after it goes through your intestines?”

Another man thought they had no one but themselves to blame saying: “Anyone who buys food at a football match needs to give their head a wobble, you’re only there for 2 hours max!”

“How hungry do you need to be to pay £6 for a cheese n onion pasty?”

Come get your cheese fries, going hot!Source:Twitter

Business at the front, party at the back.Source:Twitter

This catastrophe was served in a corporate box.Source:Twitter

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