Footballs biggest benders after Andy Carroll goes on mad 17-hour stag do binge

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For some of the world's best footballers, a night out is the total opposite to getting in at the early hours of the morning and waking up with a hangover.

Instead, it can involve sleeping with prostitutes, three-day benders, endless boozy stags and even getting into trouble with the police. With football of old renowned for its drinking culture, some of the game's greatest, lived by "work hard, play hard" motto, taking things to a new level.

Having said that, Daily Star Sport takes a look at football's maddest nights out, starting with Carroll's 17-hour stag do.

Andy Carroll

The former Newcastle man, who had been on a 17-hour boozy stag do with his pals in Dubai, was said to be in "no state to do anything" after he ended up in bed with bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkey, who denied anything had happened and that Carroll had not expressed any intent to do so.

Wilkey posed for pictures with Carroll in a hotel suite at the end of the night, after meeting the footballer and his other 12 mates at a bar where Carroll is believed to have splashed close to £30,000 on their 17-hour bender. She recalled them having at least 20 rounds of vodka, ten glasses of sangria and ten shots of Jagermeister and Grey Goose vodka.

"It was a crazy day, the lads started drinking at 12 and didn’t stop," she said. "It was an amazing day, the booze was flowing and Andy seemed to be having a great time. He came over to chat to us and asked what we did, he seemed nice, a gentleman.

"But at no point did anyone mention it was a stag do, we were told it was a lads’ holiday. I didn’t know he was getting married."

Carroll who booked a VIP area at the Avenue Dubai, a nightclub on the 42nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, was "dancing around with the waistband from a pair of Calvin Kleins on his head" as the "DJ kept giving him a shout-out," Wilkey added.

"We got there about 1am and waiters were pouring Grey Goose like there was no tomorrow, there were trays of shots going round. We were steaming and one of Andy’s mates said we were having an after-party in Andy’s hotel room."

Jack Grealish

The former Aston Villa captain did not stop partying after Villa secured promotion to the Premier League, back in 2019. The Villans overcame Derby 2-1 in the Championship play-off final at Wembley.

Grealish later posted a picture on his Instagram story with a promotion winners flag followed by the caption: "Still going guys."

True to form, he was busy boozing away after Manchester City claimed the Premier League title, with his voice clearly hoarse from a day on the booze.


The Brazilian legend who is known for his love of partying, and even reportedly had a 'nightclub clause' in his Flamengo contract, where he was allowed to go on two nights out a week. A former teammate of his revealed he was so addicted to parties that he would "hop onto his private plane after matches" to party in Cancun.

With Ronaldinho partying hard on weekends, he would miss training sessions on Mondays. "He would come back on Tuesday," former team mate Patricio Rubio once said. "I never saw him train on Mondays. He was a top player."

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Back in the twilight of his career, Brazilian icon Ronaldo organised a four-way romp with three prostitutes while he was recovering from yet another devastating injury. Unbeknownst to him, however, the three turned out to be males.

The striker had allegedly dropped his girlfriend off at her home before heading into Rio De Janeiro and picking up the prostitutes and checking into a motel.

After discovering the three prostitutes were all male, Ronaldo alleged they tried to extort money from him, but he refused to pay.

Paul Gascoigne

The England legend was the centre of attention for one of the most famous nights out in the history of football. Terry Venables gave the England squad permission to go out on a bender in Hong Kong before the Euro of 1996 which turned out to be a big mistake.

Goalkeeper Ian Walker reminisced the moment: "Bryan Robson was standing there with a pint, and he was wearing one of those shirts with a round collar, and someone grabbed it and ripped it. "All he had left was the little round collar: the rest of it had gone. And he just carried on drinking like nothing had happened!

"He was supposed to be looking after us, so from then on it went a bit mad. And then someone found a dentist chair in another room. So of course – bang! – straight away we’re on it. I think Gazza went on first, then I had a go, then Teddy Sheringham. Then it all went off, just bedlam."

Front pages of English newspapers were dominated by the England squad following their night of madness. And later the dentist chair celebration was recreated by Gazza after he scored one of the greatest goals for England against Scotland in Euro 96.

Paul Merson's FBI meeting

Merson ventured himself on a solo night out in America after England failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. Reminiscing the moment on the 'Will He Score?" podcast, he said: "We went to Boston, we went to Washington and then we went to Detroit. And you know you can’t qualify. It was like the best holiday I’ve ever been on. It was like an 18-30, I’d never been on anything like it in my life.

"We go Washington, we’re playing cards all night: me, Teddy Sheringham, Carlton Palmer. Then they all went to bed and I went out. So I get downstairs, turn left, bang, in a bar, absolutely para. I leave the bar and there’s two geezers arguing in the middle of the road. I go up to them and go, ‘Come on, lads, let’s not start fighting.’ They’re looking at me like I’m an absolute nutcase. I just walk off to bed.

"I get up in the morning and we have a big meeting with the FBI. They get us all down, the FBI have all got their caps on and everything and they go, ‘Whatever happens, you’re in the capital of the world of killings, do not come out of this hotel at night and turn left.’ "The night before I’m breaking up a fight in the middle of the street. How I never got shot I do not know."


Another Brazilian that loved to party and knew exactly how to cheer himself up after a bad game or a failed transfer, in this case. The former Inter Milan star reportedly spent £13,000 on 18 prostitutes after his move to Le Havre fell through in 2015.

According to Brazilian publication Extra, Adriano flew from France to Rio to splash the cash by visiting a brothel. The report stated that he took to a private party at Motel Vip's where he spent a further £8,600 into the early hours of the morning.

Gareth Barry and Jonny Evans

The pair did the unimaginable while on a trip to Spain with West Brom in 2018. Barry, Evans, Jake Livermore and Boaz Myhill reportedly nicked a taxi, parked outside McDonald's and left it outside their five-star hotel after a night out.

The vehicle was reportedly returned to its owner and the quartet apologised for the incident after breaking curfew during the trip. A statement read: "We felt it important we identify ourselves out of respect for team-mates who otherwise could be implicated by association."

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